5 Amazing Benefits of Buying Bike Insurance Online

A bike has often been touted as the most convenient mode of transportation by many, especially by those who travel great distances for work purposes. You can easily use a bike to navigate a chaotic road, narrow lane, etc., which wouldn’t be possible with a four-wheeler. But with convenience comes some road risks that two-wheelers have to be wary of. Indian roads are famous for being notoriously crowded and chaotic, and it can result in road mishaps.

No matter how skilled or excellent a rider you are, your probability of meeting a road accident cannot be entirely overruled. Hence, to keep you and your bike secure from such unfortunate incidents, it is best to secure both under bike insurance offering the best coverage. You can purchase bike insurance online if you don’t have the time to get it offline. But buying two-wheeler insurance online has other benefits too.

If you’re skeptical of buying two-wheeler insurance online, the host of benefits it offers will certainly remove the clouds of doubt. So let’s head to the benefits of buying bike insurance online shared below.

  1. Option to Buy Bike Insurance from the Comfort of Your Home

Have trouble taking out time from work to visit an insurance office or meet an authorized insurance agent? If yes, you have to look for an online mode of buying insurance. The best part of getting two-wheeler insurance online is you can get it from the comfort of your home. As insurance company’s websites are live 24*7, you can visit them whenever you want and from whichever location you want.

It ensures people get maximum convenience while purchasing bike insurance of their choice. You can also find all the insurance-related details necessary before purchasing it on the insurer’s website. So make sure you go through the details given online before buying it online. The entire experience is going to be a smooth one, and you’re sure going to love it.

2. Better & Quick Customer Assistance

No one likes to wait long hours just to get one question answered. If this sounds like you, buying bike insurance online will be one of your life’s best decisions. What makes the online bike insurance purchasing experience worthwhile is the availability of a live chat support feature. When you visit or log in to an insurer’s website, you will mostly find a support executive available to solve your queries online.

Even if you try to purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy during late hours, you can leave your queries in the chat box, and someone from their team will get back to you at the earliest, mostly within 24-48 working hours. You also get multiple contact options like email support, live support, toll-free number, etc., which is never the case offline. With so many customer support options online paired with quick and satisfactory responses, who wouldn’t want to buy insurance online.

3. Availability of Affordable & Value Insurance Plans

One of the best and primary benefits of getting two-wheeler insurance online is the option to compare different insurance plans to get a value plan. While in an offline setting, you have to discuss one policy from the representative of one insurance company, the scene is entirely different online. When buying two-wheeler insurance online, you can visit multiple insurance companies’ websites and compare the bike insurance plans being offered by them simultaneously.

It allows you to choose a plan that is affordable yet offers decent coverage. However, be sure to give proper time reading and understanding the inclusions, exclusions, terms, & conditions of each plan to avoid making any decision in haste. You can also look for discounts as insurers tend to pass down the benefit they get from online insurance purchases to policy buyers in the form of some discount.

4. Easy to Upgrade Coverage by Buying Add-ons

If you have shortlisted bike insurance online but want its coverage to be enhanced to match your requirements, you can do it easily by purchasing add-ons. Riders or add-ons have to be purchased separately to enhance the coverage of any standard insurance policy. Not all insurance companies offer the same range of add-ons, so you have to check what options are available to you online. You can generally find the following add-ons on top insurer’s websites:

  • Zero Depreciation Bike Cover

The zero depreciation bike insurance cover will cover the policyholders against costs related to the replacement of new spare parts and depreciation costs by passing it down to the insurer in case of a road accident.

  • Return to Invoice Cover

This cover nullifies the depreciation effect, ensuring you get to claim the last invoice value of your two-wheeler if it gets damaged beyond repair or stolen.

  • Roadside Assistance Cover

If you want to get quick assistance from your insurer with just a call in case your bike gets broken, needs towing, etc., within 500kms from the middle of the city, you should take this cover.

  • Engine Protection Cover

Standard bike insurance doesn’t cover the costs related to consequential engine damages. If you want your shortlisted insurance company to bear these expenses, the engine protection cover is for you.

  • Consumables Cover

Want to include costs of your bike’s nuts, bolts, oils, etc., in your claim after a road accident? If yes, you will need to have consumables added to the standard bike insurance.  

You can purchase the add-ons with a few clicks online for an additional charge. As every add-on you add will increase the premium, be sure you’re adding the add-ons you really need.

5. Peace of Mind by Purchasing Insurance from Direct Insurers

With the number of insurance scams increasing every day, it is wise to purchase bike insurance online. Doing so will give you the satisfaction that you’re buying it directly from an authentic insurer. The need to involve any third-party insurance agent also gets eliminated – which is good for insurance buyers. If you don’t want to fall for any scams from a person falsely claiming to be an authorized insurance agent of a popular insurance company, go ahead and purchase the insurance online. It will not only be truly convenient but also give you peace of mind.

With so many benefits around, you or any other prospective insurance buyer should not think twice before buying bike insurance online. The entire process of purchasing two-wheeler insurance online is fast, safe, and hassle-free. And do you know the best part? You can buy insurance with minimal paperwork. Since all the documents get stored digitally on the insurer’s cloud server, you also don’t have to worry about your crucial documents getting lost. So finalize the best bike insurance from a trustworthy insurer today, and purchase it online at the earliest.  

Author: Shirley