6 Kolkata-Based Cloud Kitchens Thatll Deliver Delicious Foods At Your Doorstep

6 Kolkata-Based Cloud Kitchens Thatll Deliver Delicious Foods At Your Doorstep

Today, there’s a lot happening in the food delivery space. Since the 2020 lockdown, we have seen a substantial increase in demand for food delivered at your door step. This has subsequently given birth to the concept of cloud and ghost kitchens. In the last two years, we have seen launch of multiple cloud kitchens, delivering hygienic food with good taste and quality. At some of the cloud kitchens, you can also customize the food as per your palate. Considering the increasing demand, we have curated a list of some of the best cloud kitchens that are delivering foods at every nook and corner of Kolkata. Let’s take a look.

Here’re 6 Kolkata-Based Cloud Kitchens You Must Try:

Kimli Express:

A Kolkata-based cloud kitchen, Kimli Express brings the popular Indo-Chinese cuisine of Tangra (the only Chinese settlement in India) at your doorstep. The menu showcases interesting food choices that create a perfect mixture of the aromas, flavours and vibrancy of the Chinatown of Kolkata. With a wide selection of delicacies, some of the signature dishes of this kitchen are – Chilli Garlic Pepper Fried Chicken, Roast Chilli Pork, Ginger Pork, Lemon Chicken, Pork Wonton Soup, Pork Fried Wontons, Chicken Cantonese Rice, Mixed Hakka Chow, Pork Fung Mee Mein, Pork Wonton Noodles and much more. You can either call them find Kimli Express on Zomato, Swiggy and DOTPE to place your order.


Chilli garlic pepper chicken from Kimli Express

Chaccha Jaan:

Chaccha Jaan is a cloud kitchen-turned-restaurant which still is mostly dependent on deliveries, because their outlets across the city deliver succulent Mughlai food like kababs, biryani, tikkas and curries to the patrons. Light on the spices, the biryani is served with potato and egg, and their Aslam chicken is an ode to the Delhi favourite. Sounds delicious; right? Besides you will also find various succulent and signature dishes from Lucknow, Delhi and other cities in the North of India. You can always avail Zomato and Swiggy to place your order from Chaccha Jaan.

Dhakai Handi:

Dhakai Handi, as the name suggests, is into purely Dhakai/Bangladeshi foods from various districts. It was started with a mind-set to bring back few old recipes from the districts of Bangladesh like Chottogram (now Chittagong), Borishal to name a few. Some of the signature dishes available at Dhakai Handi are Chattogram er sheel e bata bortas (bhartas prepared using grinding stone). You will get bhartas made of prawn (chingri), chicken (murgi), bombay duck (lotte), nigela seeds and garlic (kalo jeera rosun), dry fish (shukti) and more. Besides, you will also get Puran Dhaka (Old Dhaka-style) mutton tehari with dim (egg) rezala and borhani. Sounds delicious; isn’t it? You can order either call them to place the order or go via delivery apps Swiggy and Zomato.


Bhortas from Dhakai Handi

Fork And Knife:

Fork and knife is an indulgent home kitchen that was initiated in 2020, out of a home chef’s passion for cooking. Today, the masterful curations by For_kandknife explore all global cuisines like Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Lebanese, Greek and Turkish. The signatures include Thai yellow curry, Mapo tofu, teriyaki noodles, Thai drunken noodles, scallion pancakes and japchae amongst several others. You can avail these yummy delicacies via direct delivery, takeaway or Swiggy genie.

Homely Zest:

Today we find several people looking for simple, uncomplicated and comforting home-style foods even while ordering from a food joint. This is where Homely Zest comes in to cater to the needs. If you look into the menu, you will find a wide range of dishes – each of which are customised as per the client’s preference. Some of their signature dishes are dahi ke kebab, cheese platter, crostini bar, baked fajitas, chocolate Monte Carlo, sitaphal chenna pak and more. You can directly call them to place an order or get your food delivered at your doorstep via Swiggy Genie.

Paprika Gourmet:

Established in 2011, Paprika Gourmet is an exotic artisan catering service. The brand has been Kolkata’s premium and one of the most loved gourmet destination for over a decade now. Indian, Swiss, Mexican and more- Paprika Gourmet offers food that are oh-so-delicious. For ordering in from Paprika Gourmet, either call directly or order via Swiggy or Zomato.

Butterfingers By Preetanjali:

Butterfingers By Preetanjali is a Kolkata-based Patisserie, founded by Preetanjali Pasari. Preetanjali’s distinct understanding of flavour and passion for creativity led her to Le Cordon Bleu, London and on the path to becoming a fine patissier. We suggest try their Ferrero crunch cake, cold set cheese cakes, flavoured macarons to name a few. Butterfingers by Preetanjali is only available for takeaways.

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