7 Best Places to Visit in Singapore

A place with futuristic wonders and sky-kissing structures, Singapore is ahead of its time. Its brightly lit light show dances in the night, highlighting the modern architecture and a feeling that the stars have come down to the earth. Singapore is famous for its rapid development with impressive and innovative shopping malls, amazing restaurants and luxurious hotels that offer stunning views built in the country.

Check out all the tourist attractions in Singapore that you ought to be sure to check out during your trip:

1. Little India and Arab Street

Arab Street and Little India are well-known tourist destinations and provide a different experience that is all their own. It is where you can escape the city’s modernity to a tranquil spot with small cafés, cozy shops and old Mosques. In particular, Arab Street, to be specific, is lined with ancient structures, shop stands as well as authentic Arabian cuisine. The feeling it provides is divine.

Little India, on the contrary, was an Indian community living in Singapore during colonial times. Much like its Arabian streets with many vendors and mosques, Little India also has many excellent shopping options, restaurants serving Indian food, and temples such as Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, the most well-known Hindu temple you can visit here.

2. Take A Night Safari at Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is an amazing attraction that draws thousands of tourists annually. With more than 1,000 animals and more than 3,000 species. The Zoo is considered one of Singapore’s most beautiful jewels. A nighttime safari could enhance the experience of the Zoo. It’s one of the best attractions in Singapore in the night. You can book Singapore Night Safari Tickets to get a full wildlife experience at the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park and enjoy a tram ride!

3. Singapore Flyer

The most effective way to look at Singapore is from the sky. If you think about it, you have a bird’s-eye view of Singapore’s entire city. You might want to plan where to stay, or better, sit at this moment and watch the sun go down (If you are lucky enough to go when the sun is setting). Singapore Flyer is an observation wheel that stretches up to 165m and is Asia’s biggest giant wheel.

In the flyer, visitors will be able to learn about the technical aspects behind the wheel and take a peek at the development and history of Singapore. The ride will help you brush up on your understanding; hence, it’s one of the top activities for children. You must visit this attraction during your city trip to see stunning views of The F1 race, Gardens by the Bay, and views of the cityscape and portions of Malaysia and Indonesia.

4. Marina Bay Sands

It is regarded as the most expensive structure ever constructed. The marina bay sands Skypark observation deck is a blissful paradise. It was opened in 2010; it consists of luxurious accommodations, including the largest casino, shopping malls, various dining venues and the Art Science museum, a skating rink, top gaming venues, discotheques, conference hal, and more. When you look at the many amenities Marina Bay Sands offers, you’ll surely have a great time with family and friends on the excursion.

5. Universal Studios

Universal Studios is located in the ever-exciting destination of Singapore, Sentosa Island. It’s one of the most enjoyable destinations for families to visit. Universal Studios is the most popular place to enjoy a memorable day. It is brimming with excitement, entertainment, and energy; here, you will find a variety of cafés, restaurants and shopping zones to enjoy amazing food.

You can also go to the Walk of Fame and pose with Hollywood stars. Suppose you’re in the mood for excitement, and that’s what you are looking for. In that case, the thrill is the experience you can expect from an adrenaline-pumping rollercoaster called Battlestar Galactica. Universal Studios has many other attractions and activities which will keep you entertained throughout the day, such as Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt zone, Lost World of Dinosaurs and many other fun attractions.

6. Chinatown

It is said that China Town is always filled with excitement amid the bustle of the market. It’s a pity without a visit to China Town during your holidays in Singapore. The bustling city is recognized for its traditional Chinese food, vibrant red lanterns and lively markets everywhere selling souvenirs and standard Chinese items.

The place also boasts an impressive Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple and the Buddha Tooth Relic temple. These two are among the top attraction in China Market, and to top the list, take advantage of a trip to one of the more vibrant Chinese Temples, Thian Hock Keng. The temple was constructed in 1820. the temple is the longest-running Chinese religious structure in Singapore.

7. Changi Museum

Changi Museum is one of the most visited museums in Singapore. It is a place to discover the history of the people who were afflicted by the Japanese occupation during WWII. The museum tells the narrative through its photos, letters and drawings. The museum is divided into five areas, including a gift shop and an open-air chapel in the middle. Each zone is adorned with an intricate series of murals created from the originals of Bombardier Stanley Warren. Visitors can also take an audio-guided tour of The Changi Museum. The other museums worth visiting are the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall and the National Museum of Singapore.

Author: Shirley