A quarter of working-class adults feel they are overlooked for jobs due to social class | City & Business | Finance

A quarter of working-class adults feel they are overlooked for jobs due to social class | City & Business | Finance

Of those who have ever looked for work, 27 percent said a lack of interview experience has hindered them.

And almost a quarter (23 percent) have struggled to do themselves justice through their CV or covering letter.

Meanwhile, 18 percent admitted that limited access to a computer or the internet has similarly stalled their efforts to land jobs.

Commissioned by Samsung, the study found despite such hurdles, 35 percent are “desperate” to find employment in their chosen career.

And 39 percent claim to have an “entrepreneurial spirit”, but fear they don’t know how to apply it – suggesting guidance from an expert could make all the difference.

Toni Tone, content creator and author of Take Note: Real Life Lessons, said: “For me, the key to success is in the planning.

“Do your research, make notes, plan effectively – without my calendar alerts on my smartphone, I wouldn’t be able to run my business.”

It also emerged more than half (53 percent) find job hunting overwhelming – with 30 percent finding it so hard-going at one time or another, they’ve given up on their pursuit of a new role.

Nearly four in ten (39 percent) revealed they don’t know where to start when it comes to looking for work.

And greater self-belief would help – as 32 percent said having more confidence would motivate them to go for the job they really want, rather than settle for something else.

Just under three in ten (29 percent) also admitted knowing how to craft important interview documents – like covering letters or CVs – would help.

And internet access, or access to reliable tech such as a working computer, would make all the difference for 24 percent.

Sadly, of those polled who have managed to find employment, the study found 54 percent have accepted “whatever they could get”, rather than pursuing their dream career.

Carried out through OnePoll, the study found 42 percent aspire to change the direction of their career, but worry they don’t have the right skills to do so.

Toni Tone, who is hosting a Samsung entrepreneurial masterclass, in partnership with charity Dress For Success Greater London, said: “As long as you stay on top of the preparation and have that fire in your belly to keep going, the rest will follow.”

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