Abbie Chatfield admits Australia Day mistake as party photo on January 26 emerges

Abbie Chatfield admits Australia Day mistake as party photo on January 26 emerges

When internet sleuths uncovered an old snap of Abbie Chatfield celebrating January 26, she had the perfect response to her mistake.

Abbie Chatfield has opened up about previously celebrating Australia Day as internet sleuths uncovered an old photo of the star out on January 26 in a bid to “prove her wrong”.

The former Bachelor contestant has been very vocal in her support of the “change the date” movement, condemning Aussies for celebrating the national holiday despite the fact it is a day of mourning for First Nations people.

But just hours after publicly calling out “woke” Aussies – and seemingly referring to friend and fellow Bachelor star Elly Miles who attended a going away party on Wednesday just hours after posting an “always was, always will be” message on Instagram – the 26-year-old revealed she had celebrated the controversial date in the past.

“I’ve been getting DMs from people, like, trying to prove me wrong, being like, “I bet you celebrated Australia Day’,” she said in a video on Instagram Stories.

“Yeah, I have. Of course I have. I grew up in a white area and a white family and went to predominantly white schools that taught us the British invading this country was a positive thing. Of course I have.

“But I think the last time was 2017… and then I’ve been to the protests the last three years. I didn’t celebrate in 2018.”

The photo that has surfaced was shared on January 26, 2017, and shows her at a bar in Sydney’s Newtown, dancing with an unidentified man. She captioned the snap: “Daddy hunt.”

Abbie explained she “didn’t come out of the womb knowing everything”, but that she’d changed her behaviour “once I learnt and had a full understanding”.

The star – who hosts a podcast and new radio show – said the issue is with those who know about the historical atrocities that occurred against First Nations people, land and culture on that date, but then go on to party and celebrate regardless.

Elly Miles copped criticism for attending an event just hours after posting an “always was, always will be” message on Wednesday.

Elly, who appeared on the 2021 season of The Bachelorette, was quick to defend her antics, telling her followers she was “not celebrating Australia Day at all”.

“People are a bit worried that I’m at an Australia Day party, I just wanted to say I am not,” she wrote on Instagram Stories.

“I am at a friend’s house, we’ve got the kids in the pool. We’re hanging out for a friend’s going-away.

“I am all for abolishing the date, I respect that this is Aboriginal land.”

However, Abbie condemned the “excuse”, revealing on Instagram she had “unfollowed” a friend, writing: “You should know why.”

“Even if we’re friends, it’s 2022, we aren’t doing this anymore and you should know better by now,” Abbie wrote.

“’But it’s not an Australia Day Party!!’ Isn’t an excuse. You’re having a party / enjoying your public holiday on a day of mourning for First Nations people.”

Abbie went on to say that posting an Instagram Story at 10am “doesn’t change your celebrations at midday”.

“Don’t reshare your bulls**t to try and absolve yourself of your true lack of care,” she wrote.

“If you’re going to do it, don’t lie to yourself.”

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