After Samsung, Now Xiaomi Caught ‘Cheating’ With Smartphone Performance

After Samsung, Now Xiaomi Caught ‘Cheating’ With Smartphone Performance

Samsung was earlier this year found to be throttling the performance on its latest Samsung Galaxy S22 flagships. Now, Xiaomi has also been found to be doing the same with its latest Xiaomi 12 series smartphones. According to a finding from Android Police, Xiaomi smartphones showed a noticeable perfomance between “spoofed” versions of the Geekbench benchmarking app. The Android Police report said that Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12X get a better performance profile on apps it recognises as games or benchmarks.

According to Geekbench, such behaviour will lead to the affected phones being delisted from its benchmark charts later this week. Android Police says that Xiaomi is “giving apps it recognises as games or benchmarks a better performance profile and throttling performance for other apps.”

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Results of the test varied for different models, but in the Xiaomi 12 series, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1-powered Xiaomi 12 Pro was found to be more affected with the throttling issue as compared to Qualcomm 888-powered Xiaomi 12X. The versions of the Geekbench app that the system recognises as Geekbench or Genshin Impact saw results with up to 50 percent better single-core performance on the Xiaomi 12 Pro as compared to the versions of the app that the system believed to be Netflix or Google Chrome. Even the Xiaomi 12X was affected to a certain degree, the Android Police report said.

The performance also varied when the phone correctly identified the app as Geekbench. The Play Store version of the app saw a higher result as compared to a slightly different corporate version of the app. The Xiaomi 12X also saw a bigger difference between game and benchmark performance, which didn’t happen on the Xiaomi 12 Pro.

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The report says that Xiaomi is throttling its smartphones’ performance by simply loading different profiles based on app-identifying details like package names, with games and benchmarking applications getting the max performance, while other less demanding apps get a throttled performance profile.

Samsung was also recently found to be throttling the performance of its Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones. The company had later launched an update to fix the issue and the company’s chief executive officer also apologised for the controversy. Samsung DX CEO JH Han was speaking in front of the shareholders and admitted that the company was unable to look at customers’ concerns over the issue. He even bowed in apology to show his seriousness on the matter.

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