Air fryer cooking hack for a ‘perfectly poached egg’ in 6 minutes

Air fryer cooking hack for a ‘perfectly poached egg’ in 6 minutes

The perfect poached has a runny yolk and firm whites but it’s easier said than done when it comes to cooking.

While many hacks claim to warrant the best results with the addition of vinegar, one TikTok content creator has a different method.

Sharing the recipe on her page, ChihYu Smith (@iheartumami), captioned the video: “Air fryer poached eggs… no need to wait for the water to boil! ⁠

“Have you tried it? Soft runny egg yolk and ready in about six minutes. ⁠Perfect topping to anything you like!⁠ ⁠This is a great back-pocket recipe to have.”

All that’s needed is some water, a heatproof ramekin and eggs.

While demonstrating the hack, ChihYu showed off the results, proclaiming: “Look at that perfectly poached egg.”

She started by spraying two round oven ramekins with cooking oil then proceeded to pour around two tablespoons of water into each one.

The TikTok star then cracked an egg into the ramekins and carefully transferred them to the air fryer basket.

She set the fryer to 180C for just five minutes, then removed the ramekins and put them on the counter.

After this, the TikTok content creator ran a teaspoon around the rim of each ramekin to loosen the whites, then returned them to the fryer for just two minutes.

According to ChihYu, this step is essential to “release” the egg and stop it from sticking to the ramekins which will inevitably cause them to lose their perfectly rounded shape.

The results are hard to deny with the perfectly gooey yolk and firm white, but there is some science behind using an air fryer.

According to British Lion Eggs, using an air fryer to poach eggs can be a good alternative to the traditional stovetop method.

Their advice states: “Consistency is key to achieving well-executed poached eggs. Air fryers circulate hot air uniformly within the chamber, ensuring even and controlled cooking.”

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