Aldi launches massage gun for 87 percent cheaper than Theragun

Aldi launches massage gun for 87 percent cheaper than Theragun

Whether you’ve got aching muscles or want to recover quickly after exercise, a massage gun is a great tool as it can pinpoint tough areas and provide immediate relief. Fortunately for shoppers, Aldi has just launched a new massage gun to its Specialbuys.

Aldi’s latest Specialbuy is perfect for soothing your body and comes at a super cheap price.

Available to pre-order today, the Visage Muscle Massage Gun is now online and allows you to precisely target areas of your body that need soothing.

And at £49.99, it is significantly cheaper than the majority of massage guns available including the Theragun Elite which is currently £375 and very similar.

But hurry, when Aldi previously stocked the Crane Fitness Massage Gun last year, it sold out quickly, so don’t hesitate this time around.

The Visage Massage Gun has a voltage of 140 – 200V and comes with eight head attachments, making it a massive bargain.

Each head is great to target specific areas of the body like the shoulders, back, hamstrings and includes balls, pressure points and more.

There are 30 speed levels you can adjust to so you can decide between gentle or more intensive pressure.

Plus, you can carry it around in a carry bag, making it a great investment for your health.

BUY: Visage Muscle Massage Gun (£49.99)

In addition, Aldi shoppers are lao praising the Homedics Yoga Massage Stretch Mat and its perfect for helping relieve the whole body, especially the back.

Terri from Sheffield wrote: “Absolutely marvellous. Really nice to go on after a hard day’s work.”

Kathymc from Berkshire also added: “Gives amazing back relief!  have used it most days for the past week and it has helped with my back a great deal.”

BUY: Homedics Yoga Massage Stretch Mat (£159.99)

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