Aldi shoppers are loving the ‘great value for money’ Specialbuy cooker

Aldi shoppers are loving the ‘great value for money’ Specialbuy cooker

Standard ovens can be costly to run, so investing in an alternative cooking appliance could help save money on energy bills, and this multi cooker can act as both a pressure cooker or air fryer.

Aldi releases its Specialbuy items every week, which range from kitchen accessories and furniture, to DIY tools and electricals, at low cost prices.

Aldi’s shoppers are currently praising the Ambiano Multi Cooker, with 70 percent of reviewers saying they would recommend it to a friend.

The website description says ”prep, set and forget! The ultimate 2-in-1 appliance to keep you cooking all day long.”

The multi cooker is £89.99, and some shoppers have compared it to the Ninja Foodi which is double the price but offers similar functions.

The multi-cooker features a large six litre capacity, which Aldi says is “ideal for those big family meals” and can make “anything from soups to risottos and even yoghurt with one touch of a button”.

It has interchangeable settings, so shoppers can switch between the air fryer and pressure cooker options, with the ability to cook a wide variety of dishes.

The delay timer and keep warm setting are designed to make cooking easier and save time and energy when preparing meals.

The cooker is proving popular with shoppers, but Aldi’s Specialbuys are regularly updated, so it’s worth taking advantage of the appliance while it’s available.

Shoppers are praising the cooker in the website reviews, with some saying the ”results have been superb”.

Martin said: ”So glad that we ordered this multi cooker, it’s a great addition to our kitchen, so easy and quick to use, and the food tastes great, highly recommended 5 *****.”

Home Life commented: ”Superb alternative to Ninja with a three year warranty at half the cost.”

Carol also added: ”I bought this multi cooker and it was worth every penny I spent on it. I used as a pressure cooker, for soups, air fryer etc.”

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