Aldi’s £20 slow cooker is back in stock and only costs 5p per hour to run

Aldi’s £20 slow cooker is back in stock and only costs 5p per hour to run

Rising has seen Brits looking for ways to cook energy efficiently. Just in time, has brought back one of its most popular Specialbuys and it can help you cook delicious dinners, without increasing the bill.

Slow cookers have risen in popularity over the last week as it emerged as one of the most energy efficient ways to cook food.

Aldi’s bestselling Ambiano Chalkboard Slow Cooker is now back in stock and the popular favourite is only £19.99.

A bargain for busy lifestyles, it saves time in the kitchen and perfect for making everything from stews and casseroles to winter warming curries.

According to research from Hometree, most slow cookers usually use about 1.2kW over eight hours which is about 162.5w per hour.

This approximates to about five pence an hour, making it even cheaper to use than cooking on hobs, which are roughly about 17p for every 15 minutes.

The slow cooker is big with a 3.5L capacity and has three heat settings you can choose from depending on what you’re cooking.

It’s also unique with a chalkboard casing so you can jot down ingredients, recipes or leave playful messages for your family.

Only using 180W and voltage from 220 – 240V, it saves on energy bills and cooks delicious foods.

BUY: Ambiano Chalkboard Slow Cooker (£19.99)

Aldi shoppers absolutely love it and some 95 percent of reviewers would recommend it to a friend.

Lynie from Hertfordshire said: “This is a brilliant add to our kitchen. I love that I can write the time on it for when the food is cooked. Our first cook was gammon and it came out really well.”

Hubbard added: “Bargain! Great price for a large slow cooker.”

Jackie also wrote: “Filled the kitchen with delicious smells!”

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