‘Amazing idea!’ Tesco shoppers rave over new energy-saving product

‘Amazing idea!’ Tesco shoppers rave over new energy-saving product

A popular brand has introduced a new product that claims to help people “save energy”. It is now for sale at some British retailers, including Tesco, Wilko, and B&M.

The game-changing product is for sale in some supermarkets’ cleaning ranges.

Launched by Fairy, it is a washing up liquid bottle with a twist – it claims to be just as effective when used with cold water.

The product’s label reads: “New. Brilliant in cold. Save energy.”

The Fairy Liquid is intended to kill germs even with cooler temperatures, meaning that households can save money on hot water when washing the dishes.

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Lily Kate Nin Gomersall wrote: “NHS current guidance is that the temperature of the water is for comfort, the soap itself is what kills bacteria with full coverage and left long enough. Honestly this thread makes it much clearer why they published guidance on how to wash your hands in 20.”

The new washing up liquid could help households save hundreds on their energy bills annually as it would enable them to use less hot water.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that the energy used to heat water counts for 20 percent of the average heating bill. To put that into perspective, it is estimated that simply replacing one bath a week with a five-minute shower could save a family £20.

Research by consumer group Which? found that the average dishwasher uses four times less water than hand washing, with some models using as much as ten times less water. Additionally, while washing up, a household could use a washing up bowl instead of the sink so that less hot water is used, and it can be reused. 

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