Amid layoffs, edtech sharpens its career options

Amid layoffs, edtech sharpens its career options

The edtech sector witnessed high growth as there is an increase in demand for skill development and enhancement. In fact, the sector generated thousands of jobs across India during the pandemic period. Many reports have said the market would reach $10.4 billion by 2025.

While a lot of predictions made in the last two years appeared promising, the unending mass layoffs over the last few months by many well-funded edtech firms have been weaving a different narrative.

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Nonetheless, just like in every other tech sector, hiring activities continue to emerge in the edtech space as well, especially for early career professionals.

In-demand edtech roles and skills for early career professionals
Deepak Subbarao, Co-founder of Avidii, an edtech platform, says in the ever-evolving edtech industry, there is consistent demand for roles that often require a combination of educational background, technical skills and soft skills. Organisations are listing demand for professionals in areas such as interesting and dynamic content creation, specialists in creating demand and professionals in the marketing domain, especially in functions like SEO, he says. There is also a requirement for professionals with good analytical and communication skills as well as for people who are creative and have an inquisitive mind.

Further, to help freshers stand strong in the competitive sector, Subbarao says they should consider gaining relevant experience, certifications and network within the industry. Additionally, staying updated with the latest trends and technologies in education and technology is crucial. Moreover, he says that having empathetic skills — the ability to relate to the customer — will give candidates an edge.

Vaibhav Sisinty, Founder & CEO of GrowthSchool, a learning platform, says they have been hiring consistently over the last 6 months as they have been growing sustainably as well.

While hiring freshers, they primarily look at generalists or people who can get things done, and can wear multiple hats if required. As these individuals are just getting started and do not possess a specific skill set yet, it’s a great learning experience for them. “Most of them move into roles like learning experience specialists, program admission associates, and core generalists,” he adds. Courses to pursue to build a successful career path in the edtech sector
According to Subbarao, building a successful career in the edtech sector often requires a combination of certain education and practical skills. Here are a few courses he recommends for individuals looking to pursue a career in edtech:

Educational Technology or EdTech Master’s Degree:
Pursuing a master’s degree in educational technology, instructional design or a related field. These programmes often cover the theory and practice of integrating technology into education.

Online Course Creation and Instructional Design:
Courses on instructional design, online course creation and e-learning development can provide the skills to create engaging and effective educational content.

Data Analytics and Data Science:
Courses in data analytics and data science can help in analysing educational data effectively.

Digital Marketing and SEO:
Courses in digital marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing can help a lot of individuals get edtech marketing roles.

Exploring relevant certifications such as Google Analytics, Google Ads or HubSpot for marketing roles might offer plenty of growth opportunities. Additionally, individuals can consider certifications in learning management systems (LMS) like Canvas, Moodle or Blackboard for edtech support roles.

Talking about the courses that primarily focus on people who want to venture into startups and tech companies, Sisinty says that at GrowthSchool they provide courses in marketing, product, design, data and business. However, for those just starting out and trying to assess what they wish to do, he suggests starting with workshops like performance marketing, UX design and generative AI to build a fundamental understanding of how these roles work and the kind of work individuals need to put in to crack such roles.

Factors influencing the pay structure
Subbarao says that the pay structure associated with different edtech roles can vary depending on factors such as location, level of experience and the company.

“These can vary from Rs 3-8 lakh depending on the experience levels as well as expertise in the industry. Of course, these are for early career professionals located in cities and towns that have substantial demand for these services,” says the co-founder of Avidii.

Sisinty holds a similar opinion. He says the pay structure can get influenced by seniority and experience. Having said that, when they hire specialists like tech folks, designers, and product managers, the platform knows what to expect and the exact role is defined, and hence the pay structure is different in that case, he says.

Status of contractual and freelance roles in the edtech sector
As organisations continue to embrace flexi-staffing models to meet diverse business requirements, there is an increase in demand for contractual and freelance roles across sectors. Edtech is no different.

Subbarao says that there is always demand for freelance roles especially in areas where there is no constant demand. For instance, there may be a specific need for building dashboards. In addition, there are some areas where niche skills are required such as creative marketing or campaign jobs, and these are suitable for freelance positions. It will take time for early career professionals to use freelancing as the main source of income, he adds.

GrowthSchool also has open freelance positions for marketing and design-centric roles. “Freelance copywriters, graphic designers and video editors are some of the most in-demand roles — not only us but also for other companies we’ve directly interacted with. There is space for high-quality people in these specific roles,” Sinsity adds.

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