Appear ‘sculpted & toned’ in 5 minutes with simple body massage – expert claims

Appear ‘sculpted & toned’ in 5 minutes with simple body massage – expert claims

Facial yoga has an amazing list of benefits, from lymphatic drainage to appearing toned, clearing benefits to sculpting the skin. But what about body massage? Facial yoga practitioner and all-round wellness guru Victoria Adams spoke exclusively to about the benefits of this practice.

Body massage has many benefits that will improve both the look and feel of the skin, according to the expert.

It can be done for just five minutes with a little bit of moisturiser, or alternatively, in the shower.

Victoria recommended using upward strokes when practicing body massage.

This means starting from the ankles up to the core, from the wrists up to the armpits, or from the collarbones towards the heart.

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As for the stomach, “you want to move in a circular direction”, which is key for losing inches, the expert claimed.

And while it is great to incorporate tools such as gua shas or body brushes, using the hands is another free and easy method.

But what are the benefits of body massage – and can it actually help us appear slimmer?

According to Victoria, massaging the skin helps to mobilise fat and promotes the stimulation of the tissue.


This is key to giving the skin an even more vibrant appearance.

Body massage also works to reduce the appearance of cellulite, as it gives the skin “a more sculpted and toned look”.

For those after an hourglass figure, massaging the sides of the waist “helps sculpt and highlight more of a sculpted silhouette”.

But Victoria gave a warning – a “gentle” brushing of the skin is just not going to cut it if you want to see results.

Now that doesn’t mean pushing extremely hard on the skin or being aggressive.

“You want to get deep into the layers of the tissue,” Victoria explained.

“Pressure does need to be applied but not to the point of paying obviously.”

However, a more gentle massage does help with lymphatic drainage, which is the removal of toxins.

Body massage also has a psychological benefits which lends itself to physical benefits later down the line.

Victoria concluded: “We’re able to reconnect and give ourselves a daily reminder to care for our bodies, which perhaps means we choose to move or make better food choices.”

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