Apple Offering Extra Trade-in Credit For Your Old Phone. Check Here

Apple Offering Extra Trade-in Credit For Your Old Phone. Check Here

Apple is offering extra trade-in credit on the purchase of a new iPhone. The offer is valid till May 31 only. Trade-in means that you can exchange your old phone; iPhone or Android smartphone, for a new iPhone of yours choice. Apple accepts other brand phones under the trade-in offer. Under the new credit scheme, you can get exchange value between 5,200 to 49,700.

To know about the current value of your iPhone you will have to answer few questions. It is available online on the Apple India website. The page will ask to feed the brand and phone followed by the IMEI number and an automatic exchange value will appear for your old phone. You do not have to go anywhere for the exchange. The executive will come and pick the phone once you confirm the new iPhone purchase. Both; pick up and delivery will happen at the same time, and are handled by Apple’s courier partner.

The Apple’s trade-in is available in metros but you can check the availability with your area ZIP code. The trade-in amount depends mainly on the physical condition of the phone. 

When the courier arrives, they’ll check the physical condition of your smartphone. For iPhone, they’ll run a diagnostic test to confirm that internal systems and components are working properly. For Android devices, there is a different diagnostic process.

Apple trade-in accepts almost all the iPhones starting from iPhone 12 Pro Max that can get 49,700 as exchange value if you’re interested in buying iPhone 13 Pro Max. For Android; Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and other brands are eligible under the scheme. For example, OnePlus 8 Pro can get you 6,180 under the trade-in offer. Samsung Galaxy S10+ may get 12,150 for exchange. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro could attract 8,400. OnePlus 8T trade-in value can be 16,300. 

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