At What Age and How to Introduce Sex Education to Children

At What Age and How to Introduce Sex Education to Children

Even today, talking about sex education is no less than taboo in Indian society. Not being aware of it, watching contraceptive advertisements on TV triggers various queries in the minds of children. The step towards sex education should be initiated by parents and schools. But the biggest question that arises is how to talk openly with children about sex or how to educate them on it.

Here we have gathered some points to help you initiate sex education:

Sexual knowledge based on age

Children should be taught sex education at the right age so that they do not go astray. According to experts, it is important to educate children about sex at the right age and in the right way. It can be started from the age of four or five years. Introduce children to their private parts at an early age. They should give complete information of private parts, including the body name. Good touch and bad touch should also be mentioned.

Children of eight years or older begin to understand a lot through TV and the internet. In this digital age, it is the parents’ responsibility to monitor their children’s sexual behaviour and to provide them with appropriate information. According to myUpchar, children often ask the question, how were they born? But unfortunately, many parents tend to avoid answering it. So, to answer this question, you could say that their mother’s womb has a sac called the uterus, in which the baby grows for 9 months and then is born.

Discussions with children older than 10 to 13 years

By the age of 10, parents need to be more careful. The incidents of rape that appear in the daily newspaper should be discussed with the family at breakfast or tea. So that even the little ones will be alert when they hear it.

Interact with children over 15 years of age

By the age of 15, children are more intelligent. At this age, they also develop their own understanding. In such cases, it is important to understand the thinking of the children as well as educate them about sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, ATD.

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