Australian stepmum slammed for $30 Smokemart gift card for son’s birthday

A stepmum has copped backlash online after she shared a photo of the $30 gift card she purchased for her teenage stepson’s birthday.

An Aussie woman has copped flak online after she revealed what she bought for her teenage stepson.

The stepmother created a DIY gift board for the 15-year-old, sharing a photo of it to the popular Facebook group Kmart Hacks and Decor.

The customised wooden framed board from the retailer read: “Happy 15th Birthday Callum”

“#Treat Yourself to,” and had listed the stepmum’s three gifts to the teen.

They were a new PC game, a $50 note and a $30 Smokemart gift card, which left some members of the group completely outraged.

In her post, the woman wrote that the gift board was one of the presents she had bought for the teen, adding “he loved it”.

But her post has since caused a huge divide with some Facebook users slamming her over the $30 gift card which is for Australia’s leading tobacco store.

The retailer sells a variety of things from sports apparel and merchandise and homewares to Halloween costumes, but it is also known for its extensive range of cigarettes, vapes, and lighters.

“Sorry, but giving a 15-year-old a Smokemart gift card? Classy,” one woman responded.

Another commented that while she thought the DIY gift board is a “lovely idea”, she probably wouldn’t have given the boy a Smokemart voucher, despite the retailer selling other things.

“He is a teenage boy and the temptation to buy cigarettes is there,” the woman wrote.

The stepmum replied, arguing she never intended the voucher to be used to buy cigarettes and revealed that she went down to a Smokemart store with her stepson.

“He didn’t actually buy any smokes from there, I went down with him and he picked out a GIFT of his choice. So next time you want to stick you nose in someone else’s business find out the facts first,” she wrote.

Plenty of others also jumped to her defence branding it a “great idea” and said they too have bought their kids vouchers from the store.

“My 10yr old daughter got this (unicorn painting) from smokemart with her gift card, great present your stepson will love what he gets,” one mum wrote.

“Those people booing the gift, have you actually been inside a smokemart? Go have a look and you will see exactly why a 15 year old boy would love it. I’m 48 and I do,” said another.

A third added: “I buy heaps of gifts from smokemart. It’s my go to when I’m a little stuck on a gift for someone. This looks awesome!”

Some also added it was “ridiculous” to assume that a 15-year-old would be able to buy cigarettes without showing proof of their age.

“My brain hurts at the fact some adults seem to believe a 15 year old would be able to physically purchase smokes, hahahahaha far out. Happy Birthday Callum,” one woman responded. understands Smokemart uses Digital iD — a service that performs a live identity check for anyone purchasing tobacco, tobacco accessories and vape devices/juices.

Upon delivery, items can also be withheld by the driver if the receiver appears to be 25 years old or less until proof of age can be provided.

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