Australia’s fast-food items they want back: KFC mashies, McDonald’s McFlurries

The problem with a limited-edition menu item is if it’s good, it leaves you wanting more.

Australians are still salivating over KFC mashies and the delicious McRib burger from McDonald’s, with Facebook pages dedicated to campaigning for returns of much-loved fast-foods.

While there are those special items we don’t get for long (or long enough if they’re a flop), there are also menu changes that steer too far from the classic offerings you love.

This week asked readers to submit what they’d like on today’s Australia’s Favourite poll which asks what fast-food item you want returned – and one of them isn’t a limited-edition item.

It turns out there are Aussies who are still fuming Hungry Jack’s changed its onion ring recipe.’s Australia’s Favourite series asks you each week what should be crowned our country’s best.

So far you’ve told us your favourite fast food burger is the Filet-o-Fish, Mountain Dew is the best soft drink, ham and pineapple is the ultimate pizza topping, Tasty Toobs need to return, Bondi Beach is by far the most overrated in the country, and Stone & Wood Pacific Ale is your beer of choice.

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One Hungry Jack’s fan said they had a “surprise encounter” with the new ones and were too scared to go back to the chain.

“They sucked,” the customer wrote.

With McDonald’s announcing a new McFlurry flavour yesterday, many people are still calling for former flavours to make a return – the Shrek-inspired Ogre frozen soft drink among them.

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Meanwhile, prayers have already been answered with the return of the KFC Tower Burger so we can no longer keep that one on the list.

KFC has succumbed to the pressure of fans and after three long years, they’ve listened, bringing back one of their most iconic burgers.

But fans of KFC mashies are still calling on the chain to make their return happen.

Did you favourite make the list? Share your memories in the comments below or let us know what should be next in Australia’s favourite search

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