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Early results close for Biden and Trump in key battleground states

Donald Trump and Joe Biden were facing a tight race in a number of battleground states, according to early results in the divisive presidential election that has been overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Florida, a state deemed essential for the Republican to remain in the White House, was leaning his way with nearly all of the votes counted.

The race was also tight in the swing states of Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, with the election proving to be a nailbiter as many polls closed across the nation.

There were no upsets in safe states with both men winning predictable victories early in the night.

The Republican took Mississippi, Oklahoma and Alabama, while Mr Biden won in New York, Virginia and his home state of Delaware.

Mr Trump said he believes he has a “very solid chance at winning”, while his Democratic challenger cautiously said he remains “hopeful”.

Mr Biden, a former vice-president, has painted the election as the “battle for the soul” of the nation, saying democracy itself is at stake, while Mr Trump has reprised his “make America great again” mantra.

Economic fairness and racial justice have been key issues and both men have clashed over the Covid-19 response, as the nation reels from more than 230,000 coronavirus deaths in the US and millions more having lost their jobs.

Mr Trump has sought to downplay the pandemic’s effect, saying the nation is “rounding the corner”, while his opponent has accused the president of having surrendered to the disease.

Steady lines of voters flocked to the polls on Tuesday after around 100 million Americans voted early, setting the nation on course for a record turnout figure.

A noticeably hoarse Mr Trump, spoke to Fox News by phone to speak up his “very solid” odds, predicting he could win with a larger margin in electoral college votes than in 2016 against Hillary Clinton.

But, during a later visit to campaign headquarters, he spoke more gravely saying “winning is easy” but “losing is never easy, not for me it’s not”.

Mr Biden, after a last pitch in the crucial state of Pennsylvania, struck a cautious tone, saying that “it’s just so uncertain”.

“I’m superstitious about predicting what an outcome’s gonna be until it happens … but I’m hopeful,” he added.

US Election
US presidential election 2020: when polls close (PA Graphics)

National polls have consistently put Mr Biden ahead, but the race has been close in the battleground states, including Florida, Ohio and Arizona, which hold the keys to the White House.

Nigel Farage, the Brexit Party leader who has joined Mr Trump on the campaign trail, told the PA news agency that high turnout could be bad news for his ally.

“Obviously, it’s tough to judge. We’re dealing with a huge turnout, unprecedented in modern times. I have memories of the UK referendum, we had a huge turnout and Brexit won.”

Anticipation was building in downtown Washington DC as nervous voters wait for the national picture to become clearer.

As temperatures dropped, some of those gathered on Black Lives Matter Plaza Northwest huddled around a projector showing TV news bringing live updates from across the US.

While the vast majority of the crowd of thousands is made up of Joe Biden supporters, the few Donald Trump fans walk freely while wearing Make America Great Again caps and there was not yet sign of the unrest feared by many.

Bernadette Eichbelberger, a 68-year-old retired health care worker, admitted the wait for results had frayed her nerves.

She said she has spent much of the last week phoning potential voters for Mr Biden and is fearful of what another victory for Mr Trump will mean for the country.

“I’ve been worried for the last year,” she told the PA news agency. “I’ve been sick for the last four years of what he’s done to this country. It would only get worse, we will become a fascist country if he gets elected.”

Each state gets a number of electoral college votes roughly in line with its population, and they largely hand them all to the winner in that state. With 538 up for grabs across the States, 270 is the key number to win the presidency.

But the election night itself may not reveal the definite answer many want, with Mr Trump having refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power and having warned of a “rigged election”.

Along with his attacks, which have largely centred on unfounded claims over postal voting, he has threatened to challenge the result in the courts if it is not in his favour.

The president has invited hundreds of supporters to an election party inside the White House, while Mr Biden will await the results in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

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China tightens restrictions on Australian exports

CANBERRA: China has stepped up trade restrictions against Australia, suspending imports of some timber and barley, the agriculture minister said Tuesday (Nov 3), amid tension over the coronavirus, Hong Kong and the South China Sea.

Chinese authorities also are delaying clearance for a US$1.4 million shipment of live lobsters from Australia.

READ: Australian lobster halted by Chinese customs checks, fuels trade dispute concerns

Beijing has blocked or limited imports of Australian coal, beef and other goods and announced an investigation into whether wine was being sold at improperly low prices.

That follows demands by Beijing for the Australian government to drop its support for an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus pandemic that began in central China in December.

“We will work with the Chinese authorities to investigate and resolve these issues,” said Agriculture Minister David Littleproud.

The latest controls apply to timber from Queensland and barley from an additional Australian producer.

China is Australia’s biggest export market. Beijing increasingly is using its status as a growing consumer giant as leverage against other governments in political disputes.

A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said Tuesday that the quarantine measures were imposed in line with the law.

“In the meantime, mutual respect is the foundation and guarantee of practical cooperation between countries,” said the spokesman, Wang Wenbin.

“We hope Australia can do more things conducive to mutual trust, bilateral cooperation and the spirit of China-Australia comprehensive strategic partnership and bring the bilateral relations back to the right track as early as possible,” Wang said.

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Trump Support Eroding Among Older Voters, Up With Latinos

As voting sites closed throughout the United States on Tuesday, exit polls conducted by Edison Research provided some insight on major issues driving the presidential vote and an early read on voter support.

Here are some highlights from the poll, which is based on in-person interviews with voters on Tuesday, in-person interviews at early voting centers before Election Day and telephone interviews with people who voted by mail.


President Donald Trump appears to have lost some support among white men and older people in Georgia and Virginia, key parts of the Republican’s voter base, according to Edison polls.

While Trump is still winning the majority of those voters, some of them switched to supporting his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, the exit polls showed.

Edison’s polls showed Trump winning seven in 10 white men in Georgia, which is down from an eight in 10 advantage over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016. And while Trump is winning six in 10 voters who are at least 65 years old in Georgia, that is down from a seven in 10 four years ago.

Final election results from both states have yet to be tallied, but Biden has been projected to win Virginia. Clinton also won the state in 2016.

In Virginia, Trump was winning six in 10 whites without college degrees, down from seven in 10 in 2016. Trump was also winning six in 10 white men in Virginia, down from seven in 10 in 2016.

In more encouraging news for the president, Trump was winning six in 10 voters in Virginia who have an income of $100,000 or more.


Trump appeared to be performing better in Florida. If he wins the state, he may have the Latino vote to thank for it.

According to exit polls, Trump and Biden were splitting the Latino vote. In 2016, Trump only won 4 out of 10 Latino voters in his race against Clinton. Overall, he was winning 3 of 10 nonwhite voters versus winning just 2 of 10 four years ago.

Meanwhile, he maintained his advantage among white voters. According to Edison Research exit polls, six in 10 white voters said they cast ballots for Trump, which is unchanged from 2016.

The Trump campaign made winning over Cuban-American voters in populous South Florida a top priority by emphasizing the administration’s hardline policy toward Cuba and Venezuela.


The national Edison Research poll results revealed deep concern about the coronavirus pandemic that has infected more than 9.4 million people in the United States this year and killed more than 230,000.

While only two of 10 voters nationally said COVID-19 was the issue that mattered most in their choice for president, half of U.S. voters believe it is more important to contain the coronavirus even if it hurts the economy.

Trump has made the full opening of the U.S. economy a centerpiece of his re-election campaign, even as infections continue to rise. Biden has claimed Trump is undeserving of a second term because of his handling of the pandemic.

In the national exit poll, four out of 10 voters said they think the effort to contain the virus is going “very badly.” In the battleground states of Florida and North Carolina, five of 10 voters said the national response to the pandemic is going “somewhat or very badly.”

Six of 10 said the pandemic had created at least a moderate financial hardship. And seven in 10 said wearing a face mask in public is a “public health responsibility” versus three in 10 who see it as a personal choice.

The poll found that nine out of 10 voters had already decided whom to vote for before October, and nine out of 10 voters said they were confident that their state would accurately count votes.

One of 10 voters said they were voting for the first time, which was similar to the 2016 election survey.

Other issues that were top of mind for voters included the economy, racial inequality, crime and safety, and healthcare policy.

Edison compiles exit polls and live election results for the National Election Pool media consortium.

(Additional reporting by Dan Burns and Tiffany Wu; editing by Colleen Jenkins, Cynthia Osterman and Lincoln Feast.)

Disclaimer: This post has been auto-published from an agency feed without any modifications to the text and has not been reviewed by an editor

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US election live: Nailbiter for Trump and Biden in White House race

The US presidential election has reached its climax, with voters braving long queues and the threat of coronavirus to cast ballots backing Republican incumbent Donald Trump or Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Nearly 100 million Americans had already voted – a record number – in an election dominated by the candidates’ handling of the pandemic, as well as issues around racial justice and economic fairness.

US presidential election 2020 opinion polls
(PA Graphics)

Mr Biden headed to Philadelphia on election day, stopping off at a carpenters’ union hall and his childhood home in his native Scranton before awaiting election results in his home town of Wilmington, Delaware.

Mr Trump, meanwhile, visited his campaign headquarters in Virginia, and invited hundreds of supporters to an election night party in the East Room of the White House.

Here’s the latest:-


There were no surprises in the electoral map in the first hours of results.

(PA Graphics)

(PA Graphics)


There was another expected win for former vice president Joe Biden in the state of Colorado.


Donald Trump’s campaign followed Florida governor Ron DeSantis in claiming the president had secured the key state’s 29 electoral votes.

A tweet showing a picture of Mr Trump giving a thumbs up and with the slogan “President Trump wins Florida” was posted on the TeamTrump feed.

The result in the state has not been called.


Anticipation was building in central Washington DC as nervous voters wait for the national picture to become clearer.

As temperatures drop, some of those gathered on Black Lives Matter Plaza Northwest huddled around a projector showing TV news bringing live updates from across the US.

(PA Graphics)

While the vast majority of the crowd of thousands is made up of Joe Biden supporters, the few Donald Trump fans walked freely while wearing Make America Great Again caps and there has so far been no sign of the unrest feared by many.


President Donald Trump has won Louisiana, Nebraska, Nebraska’s third Congressional District, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming, while Democrat Joe Biden has won New Mexico and New York.

Nebraska, one of two states that divides its electoral votes, has five total electoral votes up for grabs.

Mr Trump won the statewide vote, which is good for two electoral votes and also won the third congressional district, which nets him a third vote.

(PA Graphics)

Nebraska’s first and second congressional districts have not yet been called.

Mr Trump nets 20 electoral votes from his wins in Louisiana, Nebraska, Nebraska’s third district, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming, while Mr Biden claimed 34 electoral votes for winning New Mexico and New York.


Donald Trump claimed the state of Indiana, where his running mate Mike Pence was formerly the governor.


The governor of Florida, one of the key battlegrounds, claimed that the state was delivering 29 electoral votes to Donald Trump.

Ron DeSantis tweeted that it was a “big win” for the president.

The result is yet to be confirmed.


The US Postal Service said it could not meet a federal judge’s order to sweep processing centres for undelivered mail-in ballots, arguing that doing so would disrupt its election day operations.

US District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of Washington DC gave the agency until Tuesday afternoon to search 27 facilities in several battleground areas for outstanding ballots and send out those votes immediately.


Donald Trump claimed another expected success in Arkansas.


A judge in the state of Nevada has ordered 30 Las Vegas-area voting sites to remain open for an extra hour after President Donald Trump’s campaign and Nevada Republicans cited reports that some locations did not open on time.


Joe Biden had 85 electoral votes while President Donald Trump had 55 with all the early state results going as expected.

Results in the swing states will likely determine which man will secure four years in the White House by passing the threshold of 270 electoral votes.


President Donald Trump has won Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Tennessee, while Democrat Joe Biden has won Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

Mr Trump took 33 electoral votes for winning those four states, while Mr Biden added 69 electoral votes to his total for winning seven states.

The eventual winner will be the candidate who gets 270 electoral votes or more.


Donald Trump was also declared the winner in South Carolina with all the early results going as expected.


Former vice president Joe Biden was proclaimed the winner in Virginia.

He was awarded its 13 electoral votes.


Donald Trump was also declared the winner in West Virginia, as expected, claiming the five electoral votes for that state.


There were no surprises early in the night as media reported Joe Biden as the winner in Vermont while Donald Trump was declared the victor in Kentucky.

Kentucky is reliably conservative, while Vermont is considered one of the most liberal states.

(PA Graphics)

Mr Trump claimed eight electoral votes from Kentucky, while Mr Biden took three for winning Vermont.

The victory threshold in electoral votes nationwide is 270 votes and the outcome is likely to be determined by the so-called swing states.


President Donald Trump called into talk radio shows in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin just hours before polls closed.

Mr Trump projected confidence that he will win key states like North Carolina and Florida and said he was expecting a “great” evening.


Vermont’s Governor Phil Scott said he voted for Joe Biden, making him the first Republican governor in the nation to acknowledge voting for the Democratic candidate.

The Republican governor told reporters after casting his ballot in his hometown of Berlin, Vermont, that he had never voted for a Democrat in his life.

Election 2020 Governor Scott
Vermont’s Republican governor Phil Scott speaks to reporters after voting for Joe Biden, a Democrat (Wilson Ring/AP)

“As many of you knew, I didn’t support President Trump. I wasn’t going to vote for him,” Mr Scott said.

“But then I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t enough for me to just not vote. I had to vote against.”


Protest group Shut Down DC has organised a demonstration in central Washington DC and said it has been preparing for clashes with authorities should violence flare.

Much of the area is boarded up ahead of any potential election night trouble.

Hope Neyer, 19 and a representative for Shut Down DC, told the PA news agency “direct action is what we know and direct action is what we do”.

She said: “It is something we’ve prepared for. We hosted protest health and safety training to teach us how to deal with everything from cold water to chemical weapons.”


Joe Biden didn’t make any predictions about the outcome of the election as the final hours of voting ticked down.

Speaking to reporters outside a Delaware community centre, Mr Biden said he was “superstitious” about offering predictions for election night but remains “hopeful”.

He said he had heard from aides that there was “overwhelming turnout” among young people, women and older black adults in places such as Georgia and Florida.

Joe Biden makes a campaign stop in Wilmington, Delaware
(Carolyn Kaster/AP)

He said: “The things that are happening bode well for the base that has been supporting me – but we’ll see.”


Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris is heading to Delaware to join Joe Biden after spending the afternoon campaigning in battleground Michigan.

Kamala Harris
(Carlos Osorio/AP)

Ms Harris reminded voters at a Detroit church on Tuesday how slim Donald Trump’s margin of victory was in the state in 2016. She urged them to try to encourage two other people to vote.

She will join Mr Biden in Wilmington, Delaware.


In a sign of the times, hand sanitiser on voters’ hands caused a ballot scanner to jam at a polling station in Iowa.

The machine in Des Moines was fixed in about an hour, according to local officials.

To prevent another breakdown, workers moved the sanitising station further back in the queue so voters’ hands would be dry when they first touched the ballots.


Protesters have gathered at the Black Lives Matter Plaza outside the White House.

Election 2020 Protest DC
(Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

Election 2020 Protest Washington DC
(John Minchillo/AP

Election 2020 Protest Washington DC
(John Minchillo/AP)

Election 2020 Protest Washington DC
(Jacquelyn Martin/AP))


WATCH How does the electoral college work?


Donald Trump supporter Debbie Boehm travelled to Washington DC from Dallas for the election (PA)

Supporters of Donald Trump wave signs as they gather in downtown Washington (PA)


A federal judge in Washington DC has ordered US Postal Service inspectors to search more than two dozen mail processing facilities for lingering postal ballots and for those ballots to be sent out immediately.

The order, which includes centres in central Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, south Florida and parts of Wisconsin, comes after national delivery delays leading up to the election and concerns the agency would not be able to deliver ballots on time.

The Postal Service’s ability to handle the surge of postal ballots became a concern after its new leader, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, a major Republican donor, implemented a series of policy changes that delayed post nationwide this summer. Delivery times have since rebounded but have consistently remained below the agency’s internal goals of having more than 95% of first-class mail delivered within five days, with service in some battleground areas severely lagging, according to postal data.


WATCH Melania Trump votes in Florida


Richard Stoffel, 77, compared Donald Trump to Jesus Christ.

Wearing a Trump 2020 cap and a T-shirt reading “Jesus is my saviour, Trump is my president,” he praised the president for “bringing us back to our roots”.

“And he’s cleaning the swamp,” said Mr Stoffel, who described his occupation as “prayer warrior”.

“He’s doing the right thing, he’s brave. Like Jesus, he does the right thing no matter what the cost.”

Richard Stoffel is a supporter of Donald Trump and travelled from Alaska to Washington DC for the election (PA)

Mr Stoffel said he is sure Mr Trump will win another term and predicted he would serve another four years after that, despite the constitution limiting a president to two terms.

Mr Stoffel refuses to wear a mask in public and believes the coronavirus pandemic is a manufactured crisis.

“He’s done a good job with the coronavirus,” he said of Mr Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

“The only better thing I thought he could have done is not kowtow to it as much as he did. It’s all a fake bunch of baloney.”


Supporters of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have gathered near Lafayette Square in central Washington DC, a stone’s throw from the White House.

The area is at the heart of US power and nearby buildings include the FBI headquarters and the Treasury Department.

The street leading up to Lafayette Square was renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza Northwest in June and signs supporting the movement are plentiful.

Many businesses in central DC are boarded up in preparation for any unrest on election night while the White House itself is protected by a fence preventing anyone getting close.

There was a carnival atmosphere on Tuesday afternoon as supporters of Mr Trump and Mr Biden mixed without trouble, while a band performed and preachers delivered street sermons.


Long queues formed to vote in Auburn, Alabama
Long queues form to vote in Auburn, Alabama (Butch Dill/AP)

Tommy Tye celebrates his first birthday by accompanying his father Russell to vote at Alanton Elementary School in Virginia Beach, Virginia
Tommy Tye celebrates his first birthday by accompanying his father Russell to vote at Alanton Elementary School in Virginia Beach, Virginia (Kaitlin McKeown/The Virginian-Pilot via AP)


The latest tally of early voting in the US shows that almost 102 million Americans cast their votes before election day, a total that represents 73% of the total turnout of the 2016 presidential election.

The Associated Press tally reveals that the early vote in several states, including hotly contested Texas and Arizona, has already exceeded the total vote of four years ago.

Early voting – whether in-person or by post or absentee ballot – has swelled during the Covid-19 pandemic as voters have sought the safety and convenience it offers. The greatest gains have been witnessed in Kentucky, where almost 13 times as many voters cast their ballots early as in 2016.


Joe Biden visited his childhood home in Scranton, Pennsylvania as voters went to the polls
Joe Biden visits his childhood home in Scranton, Pennsylvania (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

President Donald Trump meets supporters at his campaign headquarters in Arlington, Virginia
President Donald Trump meets supporters at his campaign headquarters in Arlington, Virginia (Alex Brandon/AP)

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5 reasons Supermeal is different from other food aggregators

Image Credit: Supplied

Supermeal, the online food ordering platform that has seen success in the United Kingdom, has entered the UAE with big plans for expansion. With more than 23 million online food delivery users in the Middle East and North Africa, Qutaiba Al Ali, CEO of Supermeal UAE, believes there is great potential for growth in this region.

“The UAE market has always been attractive,” Ali explains. “The consumers are open to new ideas and eager to experiment. The business support infrastructure in the country is incredible and helps in nurturing new concepts.

“We want to be a part of the UAE’s ever-growing ecosystem because Supermeal is more than an online food ordering platform. We consider ourselves a holistic food ordering concept and I believe we will create a beneficial impact in the market.”

We consider ourselves a holistic food ordering concept and I believe we will create a beneficial impact in the market.

– Qutaiba Al Ali, CEO of Supermeal UAE

What sets Supermeal apart from other food aggregators is its business model where there is an emphasis on passing the benefits to all its partners, be it customers or restaurants.

Here we look at five things that make Supermeal stand head and shoulders above other players in the market.

Get instant cashback on every order

Every single order you place on the Supermeal app or website will earn you a cashback – regardless of whether it’s home delivery, dine-in or takeaway; yes, you can use the platform for any mode of ordering. What’s more, it doesn’t matter whether you have bought just a cup of coffee, lunch for four or food for a family get-together, every single spend is rewarded with a cashback, which can go all the way up to 30 per cent.

Refer a friend and earn credit every time they order

When you refer a friend on Supermeal, the reward doesn’t end with a one-time discount like how it is with other food aggregators. Instead, every time your friend orders, you will earn credit on your Supermeal wallet, which you can then use to get a discount at a partner restaurant. So that’s an incentive to refer a friend who’s always ordering in.

Share your order on social media for guaranteed rewards

A good thing about Supermeal is that you don’t always have to rely on your friends to top up your e-wallet. You can earn guaranteed cash every time you place an order by sharing your order on social media. That way your wallet will always have cash to spend on your next meal.

Image Credit:

Special features are here to stay

None of Supermeal’s attractive features are launch offerings that would disappear after the initial promotional period. Cashback and rewards, which have endeared Supermeal to its customers in the UK, will remain a permanent feature here in the UAE too and add to the customer experience. So there is no need to worry about losing out on the advantages the platform offers.

Keeping restaurants happy

It’s not only the customers who stand to gain from Supermeal’s special features but also the restaurants. “During the pandemic, restaurants were at war with online food aggregators,” explains Ali. “No one seemed to care about the tough time they were going through. We want to change that by offering substantial support to restaurants when they sign up with us for free and work with us on very minimal commission.” In addition, Supermeal gives its partner restaurants a free rein in terms of arranging food deliveries. “They have complete freedom to decide if they want to do it themselves or get us involved. Supermeal will be here to support them in any way we can.”

This content comes from Reach by Gulf News, which is the branded content team of GN Media.

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Top reasons why you should study in the UAE after high school

Gulf News Edufair will offer you everything you need to know about studying in the UAE
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Over the past decade, the UAE has seen the stature of its higher education institutes go from strength to strength. While expatriate students who had grown up and established roots in the country might previously have had to look to either the West — if they could afford it — or home countries for a path towards high-quality further education, universities here in the UAE have narrowed the gap to become excellent contenders in their own right.

Academic excellence

Thanks to the country’s growing stature as a hub for business, culture and tourism — as well as the attractive lifestyle it offers — universities here have been able to attract some of the best tertiary educators in the world to their faculties.

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Additionally, a number of world-class British, Indian and Australian universities have opened UAE campuses here. This brings all of the advantages of their academic prowess, teaching and grading to the fore. Students can also graduate with a full degree from the original school of study, thanks to the fact that papers and exams are all sent back to the mother campuses for grading. Faculty in the UAE collaborate with their counterparts at the home campus to discuss learning materials, while students often also get access to the same e-learning and research platforms as their peers abroad.

This applies at every level, whether it’s a bachelors, masters, PhD or an executive diploma.


Whether it’s in the oil sector or infectious diseases, there is a lot of scope for engaging in thorough, potentially world-changing original research in the country.

Smart construction and sustainability — particularly in the district cooling sphere — are also areas in which the UAE is keen to see progress, in order to help meet a number of its long-term goals. Renewable energy is another key area the country is focused on.

With the Dubai Health Authority’s recent opening of a specialised centre for the treatment of infectious diseases, you can be sure that there will be opportunities abound for research in the healthcare space.

Research into smart logistics solutions and driverless transport are also being explored at universities here.


Universities around the country have established innovation and entrepreneurship centres, where students are given access to the latest technologies — 3D printers, for example — and have a safe space in which to experiment and actually put into practice some of the theory they have been studying. Faculty may also help students at the helm of particularly promising projects pitch these to start-up accelerators, investors and seed funds.

Thanks to the large number of multinational companies basing their regional headquarters in the UAE, the potential scope of partnerships between industry and academia has never been stronger.

A number of free zones have opened up over the past couple of decades — many of which are specialised in technology, healthcare and other sectors — allows students carrying out work placements and internships in these areas to benefit from learning amidst leaders of the industries they are interested in entering.

International opportunities

Many of the UAE’s best universities have either mother campuses or partnerships with institutions across the globe. This offers learners the chance to enjoy the international student experience for a semester or two, without needing to commit the funds or time for a three- or four-year programme.

Those returning after studying abroad bring a fresh perspective to their peers here at home, coupled with invaluable experience and connections that can serve to help them whether they choose to work in the UAE or look to emigrate elsewhere following graduation.

Gulf News EduFair: What you need to know

The Gulf News EduFair is a comprehensive, fully virtual education experience that allows students and their parents to explore the UAE’s various further study options from the comfort of their home, or anywhere with a computer and good Wi-Fi.

Once you login, you’ll be able to navigate the digital exhibition space with just a few clicks of your mouse. The EduFair includes webinars with experts diving deep into the UAE’s higher education sector’s growth; information on tuition fees and scholarships; and career and employability guidance; student mental health issues; and details on postgraduate and part-time study courses in the country.

Participating higher education institutes are Heriot Watt University; University of Sharjah; Amity University Dubai; Westford University College; American University in Dubai; Middlesex University; SP Jain School of Global Management; University of West London; Canadian University Dubai; Abu Dhabi University; BITS Pilani Dubai; Murdoch University Dubai; and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Dubai.

Our strategic partner for the event is United Arab Emirates University; knowledge partner is the British Council, styling partner is SHEIN and consulting partner is Y-Axis. 

University representatives will also be on hand to chat with you in real time, just as they would in a flesh-and-blood setting.

The Gulf News EduFair is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about university in the UAE. See you there!

This content comes from Reach by Gulf News, which is the branded content team of GN Media.

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Mainland China reports 17 new COVID-19 infections, asymptomatic cases surge

BEIJING: China on Wednesday (Nov 4) reported 17 new confirmed COVID-19 infections in the mainland for Nov 3, down from 49 a day earlier, the health authority said, although asymptomatic cases surged.

Of the new confirmed infections, 15 were imported cases and the other two were locally transmitted infections in Kashgar in northwestern Xinjiang region, the National Health Commission said in a statement. 

The two Kashgar cases were previously asymptomatic.

China reported 128 new asymptomatic patients for Nov 3, more than doubling from 61 a day earlier. 

Of the total, 12 were imported cases and 116 were new cases in Kashgar.

Kashgar launched its fourth round of mass testing on Wednesday, after completing three rounds since Oct 27, unprecedented in China.

As of Nov 3, Xinjiang had a total of 64 confirmed cases, all from Kashgar, and 345 asymptomatic cases, of which 330 were from Kashgar and 15 from neighbouring Kizilsu.

China does not classify symptomless patients as confirmed cases until they show clinical signs of infection such as a fever.

As of Nov 3, mainland China had a total of 86,087 confirmed coronavirus cases, it said. The country’s death toll from the coronavirus remained unchanged at 4,634.

BOOKMARK THIS: Our comprehensive coverage of the coronavirus outbreak and its developments

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Search for missing cockler to resume in south Wales


Press Association 2020

HM Coastguard stock

HM Coastguard stock

The search for a missing cockler will continue at first light along the coast near Llanelli in south Wales, authorities said.

Her Majesty’s Coastguard (HMC) said that it is coordinating the search which started about 6:30pm on Tuesday following a report the man had not returned home.

Coastguard rescue teams from Burry Port, Llansteffan and Mumbles as well as a senior coastguard operations officer and the Dyfed Powys Police have searched the coast alongside helicopters.

RNLI lifeboats from Burry Port and an independent vessel from Loughor are also part of the operation as well as volunteers from the cockling community under the coordination of the police.

The land-based search will resume as soon as day breaks, with an extensive search of North Gower including Pwll on Tuesday evening failing to find the man.

HMC senior maritime operations officer Peter Bailey said: “There has been a search of the entire area and everyone involved has made strenuous efforts to find this missing cockler.

“We will resume the search later this morning with our coastguard rescue teams and police.”

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Police arrest man on M5

A major police operation has forced the closure of one of Sydney’s busiest motorway tunnels.

Officers swarmed the M5 East, near the Princes Highway exit in Sydney’s southwest before arresting a man.

Multiple crime scenes have been established, including at Narellan, where a listener told 2GB they heard shots fired.

The arrest followed a carjacking and pursuit, police said.

Eastbound traffic is being diverted via the M8, and motorists already inside the M5 East tunnel are being told to exit via the Princes Highway.

Police are expected to address the media later on Wednesday.

More to come

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U.S., Latin American navies begin UNITAS LXI exercise near Ecuador

Nov. 3 (UPI) — Naval forces from the United States and eight Latin American countries will conduct operations in the Pacific Ocean near Ecuador as part of the UNITAS LXI exercise that began this week.

This year’s exercise includes forces from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay and will include 13 warships.

The exercise began Monday and continues through Nov. 11.

UNITAS, whose name is the Latin word for “unity,” was conceived in 1959 and executed for the first time 1960, making this year’s iteration the 61st — and UNITAS the longest-running annual multinational naval exercise.

“UNITAS is designed to train each navy to conduct joint naval operations through the execution of littoral warfare, maritime interdiction operations, countering transnational organized crime, anti-surface warfare, electronic warfare, communications exercises, and air and amphibious operations in order to increase interoperability and capability between participating naval and marine forces,” said a Navy press release.

Participating U.S. vessels include the USS Gabrielle Giffords, USNS Burlington, Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 23 Detachment 9, Patrol Squadron 9, Patrol Squadron 26, U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Legare and the U.S. Army Vessel Chickahominy.

U.S. Air Force Aircraft and staff members from Destroyer Squadron 40, U.S Marine Corps Forces South and U.S. 4th Fleet will also participate in the exercise.

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