​Avoid chemically ripened mangoes for THESE health risks​

​Avoid chemically ripened mangoes for THESE health risks​

Naturally ripened mangoes means they remain on the trees till they ripen completely and are then plucked from the tree and eaten.

Otherwise, mangoes are plucked from trees when they are raw and are fed chemicals to ripen quickly.

Natural mangoes face the brunt of nature like weather, birds and other elements in order to ripen. They do not look as attractive as the chemically ripened ones who are taken away from nature very early.

Natural mangoes have a characteristic aroma and taste which they obtain from the tree. Artificially ripened mangoes have a sharp taste which is mostly due to the chemicals.

Do not buy fruits when they are not in season. Avoid buying fruits when they are available ahead of the season or much later after the season is over. Prefer buying foods during the peak season time.

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