‘Beautiful’ Monaco royal looks just like her grandmother Grace Kelly

‘Beautiful’ Monaco royal looks just like her grandmother Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly was an American actress best known for her films High Society, Dial M for Murder, To Catch a Thief and Rear Window.

Grace Kelly joined the Monaco Royal Family and became the Princess of Monaco in 1956 when she married the Prince of Monaco, Prince Rainier III.

The couple had three children together, Princess Caroline, Prince Albert and Princess Stéphanie, but sadly, Princess Grace was killed in a car crash in Monaco in 1982.

Camille Gottlieb is the daughter of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and the granddaughter of Grace Kelly. The young royal, who is 25 years old, bears a striking resemblance to her late grandmother.

Camille’s blonde hair, full lips, and blue eyes are probably the most striking similarities. The royal often shares family photos and selfies on social media where fans claim “she’s definitely Grace Kelly’s twin”.

On Instagram, @lourdesaniceto commented: “Beautiful, you look like your grandmother Grace!” and @fiestapaleta’s suggested: “Unreal. Omg, Grace Kelly’s face!”

Another royal fan, @baptistaalbuquerque, opined: “Eyes like grandma. The one that looks more like Princess Grace for sure!”

Camille and Grace also share the same elegant style and sophistication, and Princess Stéphanie’s daughter has been spotted many times channeling her late grandmother’s looks and recreating her most iconic outfits.

For the Monte Carlo Festival in 2022, for instance, Camille Gottlieb wore an incredible red chiffon dress reminiscent of one worn by Grace Kelly at the Monaco Ball in 1976.

In 2019, Camille attended the Secret Games Party at Monaco Casino donning an elegant white floor-length gown.

The young royal could have taken inspiration from Grace Kelly’s Hollywood style as the star wore very similar white dresses in some of her films, including her iconic flowing chiffon gown with draped detailing in the film To Catch A Thief.

Grace Kelly donned a delicate light blue cape dress also in the 1955 film To Catch a Thief. The stunning gown featured a strapless neckline with a chiffon skirt and a scarf.

In 2023, Camille channelled her glamorous grandmother in a sophisticated lilac gown as she joined Prince Albert and Princess Charlene at the Red Cross Ball in Monaco.

Fashion expert and personal stylist Samantha Harman commented on Grace Kelly’s style saying: “Despite her death some 40 years ago, Grace Kelly is still a style icon.

“Lots of my clients cite her as inspiration for what they’d like to achieve with their style, and we can still see her influence on celebrity looks and fashion trends today.

“Her appeal is the timelessness of her looks. From crisp white shirts to chic tailoring, to beautifully-cut dresses, Grace Kelly’s style was chic and elegant and would still be just as lovely today as it was then.”

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