Beijing Winter Olympics 2022: Nathan Chen roasted for ugly costume

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022: Nathan Chen roasted for ugly costume

Figure skating gold medallist Nathan Chen’s galaxy-printed costume has been roasted by armchair critics despite its high-profile designer.

An unexpected element in Nathan Chen’s stunning gold medal figure skating performance has left the Olympic champion exposed to the brutal ire of social media commentators.

The 22-year-old American has been absolutely roasted online over a component entirely unrelated to his showstopping routine on Thursday, which he performed to Elton John’s Rocket Man.

Eyebrows have instead raised over the athlete’s curious choice of costume – a loose fitting long-sleeved galaxy-printed shirt in a black, red and orange tie-dye-like design.

The number, matched with a pair of plain black full length bottoms, also had in-built fingerless gloves.

Despite the ensemble being created by famous designer Vera Wang, it has been metaphorically torn to shreds on Twitter, where critics have likened it to tacky Star Trek merchandise.

One user sarcastically wrote: “I for one respect the Star Trek drip”.

Others rejoiced in their shared hatred for the divisive design.

“The only thing the internet can agree with about Nathan Chen at this moment is his outfits are horrendous. What changed dude? you used have good fits too,” one person tweeted.

A Google image search on a photo of Chen in the top returns a link to online fast fashion retailer Shein, where a near-identical “one size” shirt can be bought for $45.95.

Some speculated Chen was perhaps vying for a sponsorship from fitness retailer Fibra Creativa which also sells a similar design.

“Is he trying to get sponsored by some random online fitnesswear shop? He’s skating at the Olympics bro … this ain’t a practice session. No hate to the designer but this ain’t the time,” one wrote.

“Someone please fire whoever is in charge of Nathan Chen’s outfits. Enough is enough,” another said.

Those aware Vera Wang was behind the costume expressed disbelief she was involved.

“There’s no way Vera Wang designs Nathan Chen’s outfits,” one wrote, while another agreed, saying: “Wait, what? Vera Wang designed Nathan Chen’s outfit? I thought he got it at Walmart”.

“Nathan Chen should’ve been out for that catastrophe of an outfit alone because what the heck was that?” another said.

“Nathan Chen’s outfits are so ugly that they distract me from his beautiful skating,” someone else wrote.

Some went as far to suggest that Vera Wang purposely designed the “ugly” costume for Chen because she didn’t like him.

“Vera Wang hates Nathan Chen just as much as I do considering the outfit she designed for him,” one said.

“I’m convinced Vera Wang treats Nathan Chen’s outfits like a social experiment and makes him the ugliest things just to see if he’ll still wear it and the answer is always yes he’ll still wear it,” another wrote.

Vera Wang earlier told Vogue she took design inspiration from Chen’s song choice, Rocket Man.

“We discussed the firepower it takes to shoot rockets up in outer space,” she told the publication.

“I wanted him to feel like he was on fire.”

Chen added how costumes could “oftentimes express what the movement and choreography can’t”.

His spectacular performance, which included four quadruple jumps, added to his world record in the short program for a total of 332.60.

Yuma Kagiyama, from Japan, finished second with 310.05, and Shoma Uno, also from Japan, claimed bronze with 293.00.

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