Best Cruise Ship Experience Around the World

A cruise trip expedition has been on our bucket lists, and not without a good reason. With the thrill, the sheer adrenaline, the luxury and the experience it offers, a cruise ship trip is the best trip you can possibly invest in, at least once in your lifetime. Choosing the best cruise ship can feel like a troublesome task with no clear path to decision-making.

From the variety of cruise ships to choose from, including luxury yachts, party ships, pirate themed cruises, to adventure expedition ships around the north pole, it can be hard to navigate through the options. Many companies offer the world’s best cruise ship experiences in the Mediterranean, Asia, Antarctica and across the Pacific Gulf. Based on where you live, how long you plan to be at sea and how much money you are willing to spend, it can be easy to select a destination port and book your trip today.

Hence, we have compiled a list of the world’s best cruise ship experiences with all the factors weighed in. From budget to comfort to customer satisfaction, these cruise ships are the best options, especially for beginners. So, browse through our list and shortlist the top cruise ship experiences that you can start planning for with your family and friends.

Royal Caribbean International

At the top of our list stands one of the best cruise ships in the world, known for being one of the largest and covering the most spectacular of sailing routes along the Caribbean and Mediterranean. The Royal Caribbean is one of the cruise lines that come with an innovative, high-tech and adventurous spirit that appeals to the younger generation seeking thrill and excitement. With activities such as an ice rink, surfing machine, sky-diving tunnels and bumper cars all aboard the cruise, Royal Caribbean is anything but a magical dream.

There are diner-style joints and world-class restaurants aboard the cruise, with all the possible amenities you could think of while sailing the Caribbean Ocean. Some of the largest cruise ships in the world under the Royal Caribbean cruise line are the Symphony of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas and more. These ships are nearly 1200 feet long, carrying around 7000 passengers when operating at full capacity.

Besides the basic amenities, Royal Caribbean is known for its world-class musical productions and autonomous bars operated by robots that are a treat for your social media adventures captured on your Android phone. These are some of the features that make this experience so unique and memorable. These cruise ships are no less than floating cities and should definitely be on your bucket list.

Princess Cruises

One of the oldest successfully operating cruise ships in the world, Princess Cruises is one of the world’s most premier cruise lines. These cruises sail across Australia, the Pacific, Asia, Europe and North America. The most famous cruise ships operating under this line include the Diamond Princess and the Emerald Princess.

The Diamond Princess is a great class ship offering a high level of comfort and convenience similar to that of a luxury resort. This cruise ship is one of the best in the world, with inclusions and onboard facilities such as golf on the Sky Deck and fine dining options. Princess Cruises offers more than just a seafaring journey with facilities such as sunbathing options, a spa and other luxury services for you to put on some sunblock and sail away to your next destination.

Other cruise ships such as Emerald Princess and the Golden Princess are impressive options offering high standard service. These cruise ships depart Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland and consist of a whopping 10 decks with thousands of passenger capacity. You can also enjoy onboard shopping, dining, entertainment and other activities while crossing the oceans.

Holland America Line

Holland America is a historic cruise line that used to operate between the Netherlands and the United States, as the name suggests and continues to cruise even today. Today, it sails between 470 ports worldwide and consists of 11 cruise ships best known for their amenities and luxurious experiences. Consider these cruise ships best for cruising across Alaska as their most popular adventure sailing experience.

Many onboarding activities are included in these cruise ships including swimming, gambling and more. However, Holland America is more famous for its refined entertainment in the form of culinary demonstrations and musical programs. B.B. King’s Blue Club is known for its live music performances while onboard the cruise. One of the best cruise ships from this line is the Rotterdam carrying around 3000 passengers on its magnificent and luxurious cruise.


Now, if you have decided to embark on a cruise ship experience to experience the romantic nostalgia of old-way sailing, Cunard is the best option for you. This antique and legendary cruise ship line was first established in 1840 and ran along the transatlantic ocean to this very day. Although the cruise ships have been modernised to their very best, the authentic feel of old-time marine sailing remains alive on these cruise ships. The Queen Mary 2 is known as the world’s only true transatlantic ocean liner and is the best option from Cunard.

This cruise is also the world’s only pet-friendly ship, so do not worry about leaving your furry friends behind as you voyage across the oceans. The other cruise ships from this line are the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Victoria, named after the English monarchs and in line with the entertainment culture on board. These include afternoon tea, black-tie dinners and galas in the ballrooms for you to live your Titanic dreams without the disaster bit.

This is the perfect cruise line to opt for alongside your family members and friends as you indulge in the refined culture of cruising. All you need is a Polaroid camera, and you can capture the memories of your lifetime in your ballgowns and formal suits as you sip along to tea and listen to the billowing waves of the ocean.

Hence, these were some of the best cruise line recommendations for your next big adventure. Sailing across the oceans, as scary as it might sound will remain forever alive in your memories as years pass by. With one of the best cruises in the world, you can experience sailing in the modern world on a whole new luxurious level.

From the Caribbean isles to Asian archipelagos and everywhere in between, the world’s best cruises offer you a chance to discover more of this earth’s beauties. Experience game-changing thrills, dazzling entertainment and elite dining by choosing one of these cruises that make sailing seem your cup of tea as well.  

Author: Shirley