Best UK Spa Breaks, Treatments and Experiences to book for Mother’s Day 2023 | Travel News | Travel

Best UK Spa Breaks, Treatments and Experiences to book for Mother’s Day 2023 | Travel News | Travel

Mother’s Day is all about spending time with your mum and showing her how much you appreciate her love. With the day falling this year on Sunday, March 19, 2023, it’s the perfect opportunity to book a relaxing spa treatment or enjoy a weekend getaway. Matchcraft reported that in 2022, spas were the second most clicked-on Mother’s Day gift option. In addition, it was also found that more than 20 percent of mothers would appreciate a spa visit as a gift.

Spa treatment are one of the best ways to feel immediately soothed and there are plenty of options you can choose from, with the most popular being body massages and facials. You can treat mum to a staycation at a spa hotel with a package that includes treatments, or visit a spa for the day to enjoy its luxurious facilities like sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool and more.

It’s always advised to book spa offers as soon as possible to avoid missing out on availability. You can also gift spa vouchers to mum so she can enjoy them at a later day of her choosing. With so many options available, here are the best relaxing spa experiences to book in the UK this year.

A spa weekend is all about unwinding, relaxing and is perfect if you’re in need of some TLC. Usually spa weekends consists of an overnight stay at a luxury spa hotel that’s complete with amenities like pools, saunas, aromatherapy rooms. You can also book treatments at the hotel like relaxing massages and facials, or you can book an overnight package that already includes treatments.

Absolutely! If you prefer to go solo there are plenty of offers and deals that are catered to just one person. It’s all about feeling comfortable and relaxed so going to a spa solo is a great way to enjoy your own company. Plus, many people often visit spas by themselves so it’s not unusual at all.

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