Body language expert claims Prince Louis ‘stands out’ and ‘steals the scene’

Body language expert claims Prince Louis ‘stands out’ and ‘steals the scene’

Despite their high social status and responsibility, the children in the Royal Family are still able to have fun, often pictured joking and laughing with one another.

expert Judi James spoke to about the royal child who has everybody in stitches.

She stated: “All the current generation of young royal children seem to be known for their ability to make the fans laugh or go ‘ah’ at royal events but is clearly the stand-out star when it comes to stealing every scene.”

And this is not something he has picked up recently, according to the expert, but an inherent trait that has developed over the years.

She continued: “His face-pulling was evident at a very young age but his ability to entertain now seems to delight and amuse him as much as the crowds watching.

“As Meghan stood cradling her son looking like the epitome of protective, romantic motherhood, Louis clearly decided that what his aunty and new cousin needed the most was a good laugh.

“He whipped Kate’s sunglasses from the top of her head and put them on, turning to stretch out his arms and stick out his tongue in what was clearly the best form of greeting and welcome he could think of.”

She continued: “Louis’s second birthday was marked by a portrait taken by Kate of Louis holding paint-smeared hands to the camera after a session of picture-making.

“He looked sweet and funny but the other photo produced after the event was so typical Louis.

“The paint-smeared hands had been rubbed over his face and he looked delighted at the result.”

Prince Louis’ most recent funny moments were two instances over the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

Judi said: “In 2022 Louis’s playful, funny body language had an extra poignancy in the response it got from the late Queen, who was standing beside him on the balcony during the flypast.

“In an iconic moment, Louis placed his hands over his ears and opened his mouth wide in a scream. Beside him, in matching pale blue, stood his doting great grandmother, her lips pursed in an expression of amused affection.

“One of the funniest moments starred Louis’s big alpha uncle Mike, though. After watching Louis’ antics during the Jubilee Pageant in 2022, Mike Tindall decided to give Louis a playful ‘I’m watching you’ signal, which Kate clearly found hilarious.

“Did it have any effect? Probably not, coming from Mike, who is known as one of the naughtier and most playful members of the royal family himself.”

Judi James previously spoke to about , calling them “fearless”, “hilarious” and the “best fun”.

The expert also suggested she has a , with “no sense of royal hierarchy” when it comes to him.

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