Brisbane couple Roísín and Zac Tarrant build dream table with $50 Bunnings materials


A Brisbane couple have wowed people online after revealing how they made a trendy side table with an unlikely product from Bunnings.

Roísín and Zac Tarrant have been documenting the renovation of their Brisbane home on their Instagram account @geebungalow, where they have more than 37,000 followers.

“We started our Instagram just to have a place to store all our before and after photos as we wanted to be able to look back when we were finished and remember how much work we put into the house,” Ms Tarrant told

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“We thought some of our friends and family might follow, but never thought this many people would be interested.”

Earlier this month the couple, who are both 26, decided to make their own side table after being inspired by a “big mash” of different styles.

“We love a vintage Kho Liang design from the ’60s which was originally a gloss plastic dining table in the flower shape,” Ms Tarrant said.

“We wanted to put our own spin on it and add some organic texture.”

Working in collaboration with Bunnings, the couple made their own table using a PVC pipe, MDF timber, joint compound and joint tape.

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To give their table the “texture” they wanted they also used a $35 white pre-mixed tub of grout from Bunnings, typically used for tiling.

First, the Tarrants started with the PVC pipe, which they cut into two even pieces to serve as the table’s legs and covered in fibreglass joint tape.

Next they cut out and sanded down their daisy-shaped tabletop out of a piece of MDF timber and covered both the tabletop and legs in grout to give it a textured surface.

After the grout had dried, all that was left to do was sand down any rough edges and attach the legs to the top.

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The project took four hours in total spread over several weekends, with the hardest bit getting the flower shape of the tabletop section just right.

“We used a pencil on a piece of string to get a perfect circle first and then used a kitchen mixing bowl to make sure all the petals were even shapes,” Ms Tarrant said.

“We drew the flower about six times before we got it right.”

Ms Tarrant said she and her husband were over the moon with how it turned out and it was “great to have a piece in your home that is so unique and that you made yourself”.

The couple have since shared a video of the side table project on Instagram where it has won plenty of praise from their followers.

“Amazing! Is there anything you guys can’t do,” one person wrote.

“How awesome does that look,” another said.

“So flippin’ clever and it turned out brilliant,” another person commented. “You have just given me the BEST idea to solve a DIY roadblock I’m currently sitting on.”

Ms Tarrant advised anyone else who wanted to give DIY projects a go to “have confidence and patience”.

“I think people often underestimate themselves. They look at something online and think they could never do it,” she said.

“But a lot of DIY is actually super fun and the end result is so worth it.”

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