British expats ‘drawn to vibrant region of France’ | Travel News | Travel

British expats ‘drawn to vibrant region of France’ | Travel News | Travel

Want to relocate overseas? A beautiful area of France is one of Europe’s best regions for British expats looking to leave the UK.

According to the property experts at Your Overseas Home, Nouvelle-Aquitaine is one of the most popular destinations for Brits. The region spans the west and southwest of France.

Christopher Nye, chief editor at Your Overseas Home, said: “Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the largest administrative region in France and is home to several well-known towns, cities and villages.

“Some of these include the regional capital and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bordeaux, and the picturesque port city, La Rochelle.”

Bordeaux is one of France’s top tourist destinations and is often visited by wine tourists due to its nearby vineyards.

Christopher added: “People continue to be drawn to this vibrant region of France for its cultural richness, gastronomy, wine and overall quality of life.”

Bordeaux has a rich culinary culture and popular dishes include foie gras, lamb shoulder and canneles for dessert. The cannelle is made from egg yolk and flavoured with vanilla and rum.

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is also famed for Cap Ferret oysters, which are produced under strict quality control. Tourists won’t find the oysters outside of the region and they aren’t sold in supermarkets.

When it comes to housing, Christopher said there’s a wide range of options for expats looking to move.

He said: “There are many property options for those interested in buying in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

“The region has a mix of historic towns, cities and picturesque villages, with property types including traditional houses, charming cottages, modern apartments and luxury villas.”

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