British expats warned which region of Spain is ‘unbearable’ | Travel News | Travel

British expats warned which region of Spain is ‘unbearable’ | Travel News | Travel

Spain is one of the UK’s leading expat destinations and over 300,000 British people live there according to statistics from epdata.

Many retired Britons are attracted to Spain because they want to spend their golden years living by the sea and under the sun. However, they might not have made the right choice, according to one expat.

An expat on Reddit shared their opinion about the best place in Spain to live and it might not be the region most Britons would expect.

They said: “I’ve been in Spain for two years and I would recommend staying in the northern part for a few reasons.

“The weather is much nicer, especially in the summer. Southern Spain was in the 40s last week and that is just unbearable.”

As climate change causes temperatures to rise around the globe, several Spanish cities are at risk of becoming unbearably hot. Seville has seen temperatures soar above 40 degrees in recent years.

Northern Spain might not have the south’s sunshine but its mild climate could make it a more comfortable option for Britons used to rainy weather.

The expat added: “Tourists from outside of Spain visit the Mediterranean beaches, and Spanish tourists usually stick to the Atlantic beaches. So even in the busy season, it doesn’t feel too touristy and you don’t usually have to deal with large groups of Brits abroad.”

While many Britons holiday at Spain’s Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca, many Spanish tourists prefer to holiday at the country’s northern beaches.

The Galician region has some spectacular beaches, many of which hold the Blue Flag award for cleanliness and quality.

The expat said: “The food is better. While gazpacho and paella are nice, the Basque region is known for its top-notch chefs and artful food. If I’m not mistaken, I think San Sebastian has the most Michelin star restaurants in all of Spain.”

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