Britons should always ‘ask receptionist to write note’ to avoid being robbed on holiday | Travel News | Travel

Britons should always ‘ask receptionist to write note’ to avoid being robbed on holiday | Travel News | Travel

Michele Bennett, general manager at ADT UK&I Subscriber, commented that holidays are a “time when people should be able to relax and unwind, but unfortunately, that is not always the case”. The expert explained that “stolen money, passports and luggage can cause huge amounts of stress when travelling and can lead to issues that can take days to resolve”. The security expert shared how British tourists can stay safe while holidaying abroad this year as well as some of the best places to hide valuables in the hotel room.

Never say your room number out loud

When checking into a hotel, British tourists should always “ask the receptionist to write down your room number” on a piece of paper “instead of telling you out loud”.

This is to “stop nearby guests from knowing which room you are staying in,” the security expert explained.

It is also a good idea “to check your surroundings when entering and leaving your room, to ensure that no one knows which room you are staying in,” she added.

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Lock your doors

Most hotels have a key locking system as well as a bolt lock on the door and for “complete security”, the expert recommended locking the door using both.

“This stops any ‘master copy’ keys from being able to open your hotel room door,” Michele explained.

Do not leave service signs on the door

Leaving a “please clean” sign will “notify potential thieves that your room is empty” and instead, it is recommended holidaymakers let the hotel reception know that they would like their room cleaned.

If guests think it is necessary “for additional security, stay in your hotel room whilst it is being cleaned,” the expert suggested.

Invest in a portable safe

If travellers are unable to carry around their valuables, it is recommended to bring a small, portable safe on holiday.

Michele explained: “Whilst most hotels offer a safe in the room, these often have an overriding code or a ‘back entrance’ which means hotel staff can access the contents easily. Bringing your own safe removes this risk.”

Lock your suitcases

Investing in a strong suitcase lock can save holidaymakers stress from the moment they enter the airport.

“Not only does it mean that baggage handlers are unable to enter your suitcase, it also means that you can use your suitcase as secure storage whilst on holiday,” the security expert explained.

Holidaymakers can lock larger items in the suitcase and take the key around with them to “ensure that hotel staff cannot enter your luggage”.

Invest in smart tags

Finally, investing in a smart tag, which is a small GPS-enabled device, is “perfect for putting in your suitcase”.

In the event that the suitcase goes missing, “you will be able to track its whereabouts from your smartphone”.

“This can be especially helpful if your luggage hasn’t made it to your destination, avoiding long periods of waiting at the airport,” Michele added.

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