Britons warned of the most ‘annoying’ thing passengers do on a flight | Travel News | Travel

Britons warned of the most ‘annoying’ thing passengers do on a flight | Travel News | Travel

Whether it’s hogging the armrest, eating a smelly snack or reclining a seat just five minutes into the flight, there are a few ways other passengers can ruin a flight.

A new study from Student Universe has exposed the most annoying behaviours passengers can do on a flight.

According to the results, the most annoying thing passengers can do is kicking the seat in front, with 80 percent of people ranking it as “very annoying”.

While it might be more likely to be done by a child, kicking someone’s seat is a sure way to ruin their flight.

However, the irritating behaviour could also be done by an adult who keeps shifting leg position or opening and closing their tray table.

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In second place were drunk passengers and leaving the toilet in an unacceptable state. Air rage is on the rise and many of the incidents are caused by drunk passengers.

In extreme cases, planes have even had to make emergency landings in order to unload a drunk passenger.

While it might not seem quite as serious, leaving the toilet dirty could also disrupt a plane’s schedule. In 2015, a British Airways flight was forced to turn back due to a “smelly poo” which threatened passengers’ safety.

Listening to music without earphones took fourth place on the list while seat recliners made the top five.

But what can passengers do if another traveller is ruining their flight? Will Jones, brand manager at StudentUniverse said: “It’s interesting and a little surprising that just six percent of Gen-Z would solve the problem of unbearably annoying passengers by changing seats, as that would be my top recommendation.

“There is almost always a number of spare seats on any flight – especially long haul, overnight flights – and the cabin crew are usually indifferent to where passengers are sitting once the plane is airborne.”

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