Camilla looks ‘wary’ meeting small kids but Princess Charlotte helps her ‘relax’ – claim

Camilla looks ‘wary’ meeting small kids but Princess Charlotte helps her ‘relax’ – claim

has five grandchildren, Lola Parker Bowles, Eliza Lopes, Louis Lopes, Gus Lopes and Freddy Parker Bowles.

She also has five step-grandchildren, , , , and .

expert Judi James spoke exclusively to about Camilla’s relationship with her step-grandkids, including the one who helps her “relax a little”.

Judi claimed: “Camilla’s body language will often look awkward and wary when she is meeting small children at events and even her own grandchildren have been photographed playing and being tactile with Charles rather than her.

“Being a step-granny comes with its own challenges and, given the situation in the US, it’s unlikely Camilla will ever get the chance to bond with or possibly even get to see Archie and Lilibet.

“The recent moments where fans have been speculating whether Camilla has been telling her step-granddaughter off are probably seen out of context but even if Camilla was pulling Charlotte up on her behaviour the lack of negative response from Charlotte would imply she doesn’t find the experience particularly upsetting.”

The expert suggested that the little Princess’ confidence, coupled with her exemplary behaviour, is a big help to the Queen in perhaps bringing her out of her shell.

Indeed, the expert claimed: “What we can see from their poses together is how Charlotte’s ability to break the ice but without being remotely naughty can seem to help Camilla to relax a little at public events, at times when she is showing signs of anxiety or nervousness.

“Unlike Louis, Charlotte doesn’t set out to entertain or to make her great-granny laugh but she does bring a touch of natural affection or curiosity that brings out a mirrored response from Camilla.”

The body language expert referenced a moment between the granny and granddaughter duo which suggested a real comfortability between them.

She observed: “At the Jubilee celebrations there was something wonderfully spontaneous about the way Charlotte happily peered into Camilla’s handbag in the carriage, suggesting an uninhibited relationship with her grandmother.

“And during the formal photo shoot for Charles’s 70th birthday it is possible to see Camilla’s body language evolve from a rather rigid, formal pose that included steepled fingers, that made her appear almost oblivious of the little girl sitting beside her to a more tactile, fonder pose with her arm around Charlotte, pointing something out and smiling warmly while Charlotte leant against her looking comfortable with the hug.”

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