Can you spot the thief in this party within 5 seconds?

Can you spot the thief in this party within 5 seconds?

Of late, an image of a party is doing rounds on social media where people are being asked to spot the thief. In the image people are seen wearing masks, enjoying and chatting with friends.

Why is this image popular?

It is because of the difficulty level of the challenge. The image poses a big challenge to the general human perception around thieves.

When we think of a thief we focus more on the appearance of a negative person. We have an image of what a thief looks like, mostly because of the way thieves are portrayed in movies and cinemas which is our biggest source of understanding several human characters.

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This is where the image fails human perception.

As can be seen all the party members are wearing masks and are covering their original faces. This makes it difficult to spot the thief.

What else makes it difficult to spot the thief?

The facial expression is missing! With masks on, it is impossible to check the facial expression of the individuals.

A thief is often seen wearing a look that draws suspicion from people. This is a major identification factor when it comes to finding a thief.

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The party is the perfect place for the thief!

How? A thief always tries to hide from suspicious eyes. Remaining hidden is a trait typical of wrongdoers. The party provides the right ambience for the thief to hide and the masks provide him or her the right kind of safety.

This is yet again another factor that makes it difficult to spot the thief.

This thief must be a confident one!

With all favorable conditions, it seems the thief has little to be worried about being caught. So, if you are still looking for corners expecting the thief to be hiding somewhere, it is time you shift your gaze to spots where you usually would not look for a thief.

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How do you spot a thief?

A thief is usually spotted stealing something or from someone. In a party like this one it is unlikely that a thief would steal something. We don’t see any item that can be stolen from here. The image only comprises people partying with drinks in hand.

With so many people around, it is likely that the thief might be pickpocketing!

So, where is the thief?

There is the thief right in the middle of the picture with the hand inside another person’s pocket attempting to steal something.

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