Car Missing An Infotainment System? Here’s How You Can Still Equip It With Android Auto, Apple CarPlay

Infotainment systems in cars have become quite a necessary feature in the recent past. What started off as a luxury feature is now commonplace and is also available in many hatchbacks and compact sedans. Infotainment systems also enable things like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which allow users to connect their smartphones to their cars in order to make their journey all the more easy. While an infotainment is a rather common feature in cars, there are many older cars and cheaper cars on the road that do not have an infotainment system, which means they can not experience Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. We will tell you some ways to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in any car that you are driving.

Third-party Infotainment system

The first thing that would naturally come to anyone’s mind is a third-party infotainment system. These are easily available and can be purchased online and in markets. There are plenty of options in the market that come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Some of the known brands for third-party infotainment systems are Sony, Pioneer, Bose, Kenwood, JVCm and more.

Using Smartphone As Infotainment System

The most basic this to do is to get a smartphone mount and download the Android Auto app on your smartphone and use it as an infotainment system.

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Author: Shirley