carelon: US health solutions firm Carelon bets big on Indian talent

carelon: US health solutions firm Carelon bets big on Indian talent

US healthcare services company Carelon Global Solutions plans to hire between 1,800 to 2,500 people in India this calendar year, across its three centres in Hyderabad, Gurgaon, and Bengaluru, continuing to bet big on Indian talent.

Out of Carelon’s global workforce of 25,000 employees, more than 18,000, or about 72%, are employed in India.

Earlier known as Legato Health Technologies, Carelon is leading US health insurance provider Elevance Health‘s global capability centre, providing services such as IT, clinical, prescription and administrative operations, data management, and analytics to its parent.

The company has evolved from just an outsourcing centre to a strategy and innovation hub that is driving digital transformation at Elevance Health, Rajat Puri, chief operating officer and president of Carelon, told ET.

On an average, Carelon has added 3,500 associates in India annually in the last five years, making it the fastest growing captive in the country.

“It’s really getting more and more important for us to get those skillsets in India, to help us in digital transformation of the way healthcare is being delivered, and that’s exactly where the growth is for us,” Puri said.

He said India is an important source of talent for data analytics and artificial intelligence for the company. Carelon is investing in areas such as telemedicine and creating a platform that connects physical health and behavioural health.

Mosur Saisekar, chief country executive – India of Carelon, said the centres here are playing a key role in reducing costs and improving consumer experience for the customers of its parent company.

“The bulk of the people here (India) work on two things,” he said. “One is cost of care – how do we make sure that the cost of care is continuously monitored, and it becomes lower. The other is the consumer experience with focus on digital technologies.”

Saisekar said Carelon is looking to win outside clients as well to boost its growth.

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