Death of paramedic leaves his family struggling to pay mortgage

A family has been devastated after their father tragically died while exercising at a gym.

NSW Ambulance Paramedic Steve Nguyen, 44, was working out interval training at a F45 gym when he had a heart attack, reports.

He was rushed to Liverpool Hospital and was placed on life support in the intensive care unit. Friends and co-workers of Steve’s wife Carpe, an ICU nurse, treated him but he died two weeks later after another cardiac arrest.

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Steve’s friend and co-worker Asaeli Williams, 35, told, the father of three’s heart attack was a shock.

“In the last 18 months, he (Steve) started getting on quite a health kick, he starting working out, stopped smoking, lost weight,” Asaeli said.

He told the news site that people suffering from cardiac arrests were generally ”much older than him or more unhealthy”.

“We would go to them (heart attacks) fairly often. If you look into people’s history there’s usually something there.”

Steve was an ambulance officer for 13 years, working at Fairfield station until its closure then Bankstown Superstation. He is survived by his wife and children – Chelsea, 18, Miranda, 15, and Winston, 12. His passing has left his wife to pay for their mortgage and support their family with half their income.

Asaeli started a GoFundMe page to help Steve’s family. Since its launch, the page has raised over $54,000 in seven days.

“His colleagues, both Paramedics and Emergency Department staff, always held Steve in high esteem, not only for his years of experience and knowledge but for his incredible sense of humour,” the page said.

“Steve always brought a smile to everyone when he entered a room. There wasn’t a bad job or brutal night shift that Steve couldn’t defuse with a well-timed joke and a sneaky smile.”

He was devoted to his children who he “adored and loved more than anything in the world”, it added.

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Woman catches boyfriend ‘cheating’ in iPhone live photo fail: TikTok video

A woman discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her thanks to his live photo blunder.

TikTok influencer Serena Kerrigan shared a “sweet” photo she was sent by her man of a hotel bed with a cuddly toy by the pillow.

While the scene looked innocent at first glance, when Serena viewed the live version of the photo, it revealed a shocking detail.

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iPhone live photos record the 1.5 seconds before and after a picture is taken, like a mini video, and in this one Serena spotted her man was not alone in her hotel room – as a girl appeared jumping on the bed.

“When the man you’re dating says he misses you but then you click the live photo,” she wrote alongside the TikTok post.

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The disappointed woman added a skull and crossbones emoji.

In the caption she wrote: “Looks like you have some company.”

More than 1.2 million people have ‘liked’ her video, with many taking to the comments to share how shocked they were.

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“My jaw dropped faster than she did,” one person wrote.

“You best believe I’m going through every pic in my phone right now,” another person added, while a third wrote: “Have your ringer up when you play the live photo because you can also hear the audio.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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Nanny shares scientologists’ ‘bonkers’ list of tasks asked to do

A woman has shared the “bonkers” list of responsibilities she was given by parents when she once interviewed for a nanny job.

Actress Hollis Jane Andrews said she was interviewed in 2013 for the role to care for two young boys – though she didn’t specify their age. And it was when she was given a document titled “Magical Nanny/Housekeeper Hat” that she realised the family were deeply religious scientologists.

On the two-page list of duties for the job – which she turned down – were a string of unusual demands including instructing her to “act like a kid” when playing with their two sons and “transform into a cleaning nazi” while the kids were asleep.

Hollis said it was the word “Dianetics” that made her realise the family were scientologists. Dianetics is a term used in the religion to relieve psychosomatic disorder by cleansing the mind of harmful mental images.

Now, eight years on, she has shared the jaw-dropping “hat” – a word used by scientologists to describe information needed to perform a job, duty or activity – on Twitter where it has quickly blown up.

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“In 2013, I interviewed with an (unbeknownst to me at the time) scientologist family to be their nanny,” she wrote on the social media platform.

“They gave this absolutely BONKERS list of responsibilities and now I give it to all of you.”

The document begins with an overview of the job, telling Hollis she needs to treat the boys with love and care at all times.

So far, pretty normal. But then it cranks up a notch.

“The main focus is to ensure their basic body rudiments are kept in so they are not upsetting the rest of the house,” it reads, with an asterisk besides rudiments that explains later this means “sleep, food, watered”.

The parents then state that the boys are to be taken out, where Hollis is told to get them to run and run with them.

“Don’t stop them running ever,” it states, later adding that if at a park she needs to “play WITH them”.

“Make sure you act like a kid with them, never serious, keep them in games. If they are not laughing, they are not happy.”

As well as running and time at the park, the boys also needed to taken in the pool each day to work on their swimming.

If the boys hurt themselves during this exhausting playtime, Hollis was told to “keep them quiet, apply Dianetics and assist tech always”.

Their diet was also planned out to precise detail, beginning the day with eggs and turkey bacon, followed by an 11am snack time of nuts, bananas, strawberries and cheerios on a plate to be eaten outside. Lunch at 12.15pm consisted of meatballs or steak with ketchup and salad that must be served in a way that looked “healthy and exciting”.

After lunch, it was time for a nap, served with a “protein bottle” made up of protein powder and water.

But Hollis’ duties wouldn’t stop there – she’d then need to “magically transform into a cleaning nazi” – and no, we’re not winding you up.

Among the cleaning jobs were 14 different tasks, including washing all the kitchen items, unloading the pram, emptying the “stinking poo poo bin” and putting washing on.

At no point was Hollis permitted a break, she was also instructed she’s not allowed to look at her phone at any point during her work and to be “fit for these boys”.

Since the list was shared on May 7 it has gone viral, clocking up thousands of retweets and hundreds of comments.

One person asked how much the pay was, which Hollis revealed it was $US13/hr.

“Granted that was eight years ago BUT STILL,” she said.

Most of the comments could not believe the list of demands, some labelling it “disturbing”.

“I straight up read this and thought they were their pet dogs,” one said.

“Aside from every other batsh*t crazy things they asked for, having the kids eat ‘steak with ketchup’ for lunch is really the most disturbing,” someone else wrote.

“There’s a lot here but magically transforming into a cleaning nazi really took the cake. I want to talk to whoever actually took this job and how long they lasted lol,” one man stated.

One person declared they “can’t pick what part of this I’m angriest at”, prompting a thread of people trying to agree on what was the worst part.

“I rotate between never stop running, steaks for babies, and the cleaning expectations. And also that their children are not allowed to cry,” a furious commenter said.

“Hard to say which part of this prompted the biggest reaction from me. ‘Magically transform into a cleaning nazi’ is the obvious choice, but ‘RUN with them, do not stop them running ever’ is an understated line,” another said.

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Miss Universe Australia Laura Dundovic turns head with upside down bikini

Laura Dundovic has taken to Instagram to show off her incredibly toned figure in a skimpy bikini trend made famous by the Kardashian sisters.

The former Miss Universe Australia was out enjoying her time at a beach before taking a couple of impromptu snaps in a matching black two-piece swimsuit by Sydney label Arkswimwear.

But im a move made famous by Kylie and Kourtney Kardashian she wore the triangular bikini top “upside down”.

The risqué look also involves tying the halter neck straps across the chest to pull the triangle material further apart than usual.

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“AUTUMN SUN HITS DIFFERENT,” she captioned the snap, which has since been inundated with comments and more than 3000 ‘likes’.

“Insaneeee,” Love Island Australia star Jessie Renne Wynter wrote.

“Divine,” another follower added.

“You are ridic woman,” said a third.

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Laura teamed the bikini with a white bucket hat and gold earrings, showing off her rock-hard abs in several, various poses.

The 33-year-old has previously said she never skips training while on holiday, sharing her “on tour” workout session in the past with her Instagram followers.

In 2019, when the model was on a Croatian getaway, she shared a video doing a combination of workouts using a resistance band.

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“I’m never one to cut down, and when I’m on holidays, I like to enjoy myself, so I tend to like to train hard so I can eat harder,” she said.

Dundovic explained she likes to go running and relies on resistance bands for her holiday workouts – and by doing both, it ultimately means she can then indulge guilt-free.

“I love running, so it’s not too hard to motivate myself to run. But as well as that, I love my food.”

The model and beauty pageant titleholder won Miss Universe Australia 2008 and went on to compete in the international competition where she placed in the top 10.

On returning from the world pageant she completed her psychology degree at Macquarie University.

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Bhaumvati Amavasya 2021: Timings, Significance and Rituals

Amavasya is the new moon day in the Hindu calendar which takes place after every 30 days. The Amavasya that falls on Tuesday is known as Bhaumvati Amavasya. The day is considered to be very auspicious for performing ancestral rituals like ‘pitru daan’ and ‘pitru tarpan’.

Hindus offer prayers to their ancestors on this day to seek their blessings for prosperity and peace in life. Bhaumvati Amavasya is also known as Bhaumya Amavasya or Bhomvati Amavasya.

Bhaumvati Amavasya is mainly dedicated to Planets Mars, also known as Angaraka Graha, Kuja Graha, or Mangal Graha to seek His divine blessings. It is said that reciting ‘Mangal Rina Harta Stotra’ followed by ‘Navgrah Shanti Hawan’ brings prosperity and good luck. It also provides relief from any financial constraints. This year it will be observed on May 11.

Know about the Tithi, ritual, and other details of the day

Bhaumvati Amavasya 2021: Tithi and Timings

Date: May 11, 2021

Timings: The Amavasya tithi will begin at 09:55 pm on May 10 and will prevail till 12:29 am on May 12.

Bhaumvati Amavasya 2021: Ritual

On this day, devotees get up early and take a dip in the holy rivers as it is believed that the ritualistic bath frees from all grief and sins. Devotees also feed brahmins on this day to free their ancestors from salvation. People also do daan to appease the ancestors and seek their blessings. Some people also observe fast on this day to frees themselves from pitru dosh.

Significance of Bhaumvati Amavasya

The religious significance of Bhaumvati Amavasya is mentioned in several Hindu scriptures and Puranas. According to them, any form of charity done on this day is very fruitful and helps in the attainment of liberation or ‘moksha’. Those who do charity are blessed by Lord Mars who is also referred to as ‘Rina Harta’ implying the ‘remover of debts’. As per the legends, Bhaumvati Amavasya falling during the ‘Adhik’ Maas is even more auspicious.

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Best Aussie holidays you can do on two wheels

This content was created in partnership with Set for Life.

From gentle trips through foodie regions to adventurous mountain bike trails, there’s nothing quite like the camaraderie of biking in a group.

An island nation with over 823,000km of paved and unpaved roads, Australia is built for exploring… on two wheels. From steamy tropical jungles and hazy desert roads to crisp rugged cliff tops and winding country tracks, there are a plethora of places to visit on your next holiday. And whether it’s road, trail or mountain biking you love, discovering new landscapes on the back of a bike has never been easier. So grab your mates, make a playlist and get out there. Oh, and don’t forget a tennis ball (read on to find out why).


Sure, the southwest of Western Australia is generally known for its consistent surf breaks and world-class ocean sunsets, but did you know the diverse 1000km Munda Biddi Trail, which connects to Albany to Mundaring (near Perth), is actually one of the longest off-road cycle tracks in the world? The six-day Munda Biddi Cycling Adventure will help you explore more than 200km of it. Cruise through eucalyptus forests with towering jarrah and karri trees, cool off in the famous Greens Pool in William Bay National Park and then stop for a coffee (or two) in one of the regional towns you’ll glide through. And if you love a little shopping, don’t worry, this is a fully supported ride, so your pack will be waiting happily for you in your hotel room when you arrive. Australian Cycle Tours


Tasmania may be our smallest state, but the sheer number of natural wonders found within its coastal borders ensure it hasn’t got ‘small state’ syndrome. Choosing where to explore first can be a tough decision, but if you’re new to cycling, or just like to mix it up a little, then the seven-night Slow Tassie Sightseer is the way to go. Enjoy low-traffic, scenic cycling through Tassie’s country paths, as well as sightseeing to some of the island’s most beautiful natural and cultural attractions. Immerse yourself in the colours of the Bay of Fires and the stark beauty of Wineglass Bay, visit convict-built towns and spend time at Hobart’s (in)famous MONA. This guided tour is for lovers of slow travelling, where getting to your destination is just as important as the destination itself. All trails


With incredible options for cycling holidays across the state, it can be hard to choose which route to do in Queensland, however for those with a love of the outdoors, wildlife and… insect repellent, the Across Cape York Bike Ride has it all. Wide open spaces, dry savannah, winding rivers, tropical rainforests, as well as chances to encounter local wildlife in the bush (and in the local pie shops). You’ll also be exploring regional areas that are most definitely off the tourist trail. With an average of 70km cycling each day, this epic 10-day adventure is designed for those who know their way around a bike, though full support is offered alongside each ride. Mulga Bicycle Tours


From wetlands and hidden lagoons to wide, open beaches and dramatic coastlines, the NSW south coast boasts an impressive range of natural beachy wonders. The Family Pacific Cycle Tour explores a good-sized section of this area, from Thirroul to Kiama, over three relaxed days, taking you from beach to beach along the coast. You’ll also be able to visit Nan Tien Temple (the biggest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere), the Kiama blowhole and the many ice cream-laden townships along the way. And if you’re worried about carrying your luggage, don’t be – all of your bags will magically appear at your hotel each night. All you have to do is pedal… and eat ice cream. Bike Exchange


To really get away from it all (yes, even your phone), hop on a mountain bike with some friends and explore one of the oldest parts of South Australia. The Flinders Ranges were first created over 800 million years ago and then covered by an inland sea. Today, while you may find the odd sea life fossil, you’re more likely to be transfixed by the size and majesty of Wilpena Pound and its surrounding landscapes. This 200km mountain bike ride will take you along old pastoral trails, beautiful private properties and stunning national parks, often through land that generally isn’t open to the public. And not only will all your bags be waiting for you when you arrive at your accommodation each day, but if you want to take it really easy you can do the daily 50km with pedal assist technology on an e-bike. (We won’t tell anyone.) Escape Goat Adventures


History and cycling might not seem like an obvious pairing but trust us, they go hand in hand on the South Gippsland Rail Trails Cycle Tour. Over four scenic, thigh-burning days you’ll explore Victoria’s recent past while you cycle on and round the Bass Coast and the Great Southern Rail Trails, both huge feats of engineering in the late 1800s and early 1900s. After cycling the quiet roads on Phillip Island and the beautiful Gippsland Strzelecki Ranges, you can also experience the life of a turn of the (last) century miner in the State Coal Mine at Wonthaggi… not one for claustrophobics. Each day’s 32km rides will also take you through historic towns (hello, vanilla slice and meat pies) and rolling dairy country, before depositing you in your hand-picked accommodation each night. Australian Cycling Holidays

Before you go:

You’ve planned your trip, booked it all in and now what? It’s preparation time, says Melissa Maskery, Fitness First cycle coach and manager.

“The best way to enjoy yourself is to be prepared; the more fit you are when you hop on a bike, the less likely you are to injure yourself,” she says. “A good tip is to engage your core to help support your lower back.”

And don’t forget your recovery each night, she says. Give yourself a treat and stretch properly after the day’s ride.

“You will find your hamstrings and calves will get especially tight so it’s important to release these each night. Even using a tennis ball will work [to release your muscles] and a ball is so easy to travel with,” she says.

Lastly, she recommends checking with your doctor and mentioning any previous injuries. It could be as simple as strapping an old knee injury or paying more attention to particular muscles. This, she says, will help you enjoy your holiday without any nagging concerns.

This content was created in partnership with Set for Life.

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McDonald’s better in Australia, says US woman on TikTok

McDonald’s is famous for its consistency across every country and let’s face it, the saviour of hungover tourists the world over.

But one American woman now living in Australia has made the bold claim that Macca’s not only tastes different Down Under but is also better here than in its country of origin.

Kaymie Wuerfel is a Florida woman who now lives in Australia, and has gained more than 133,000 followers for her content pointing out the differences between her new home country and the States.

In a new TikTok titled “Three things I’ve come to love in Australia”, Ms Wuerfel said she preferred Australian Macca’s to the American version as the “food quality” was so much better.

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“I never ate it much in America because when you eat McDonald’s in America you genuinely feel like you are going to die,” she said.

“And I know here is probably not much better but it is so, so good.

“I’m eating those Chicken McPieces and downing my frozen Coke, the last thing on my mind is my health — which probably is a bad thing.”

In the comments, plenty of Aussies agreed, suggesting it could be because US McDonald’s used different oil to cook their food. Other customers have previously claimed that the difference is down to Australia’s premium ingredients such as high-quality beef, or the lack of sugar in Aussie bread.

“I tried McDonald’s while I was in the US and I literally was sick a few hours later,” one person wrote.

“I tried the USA Macca’s too when I was there. It’s so bad I don’t know how it became so big,” another commented.

Ms Wuerfel also praised Australia’s superannuation system and currency, saying that the different coloured notes made it much easier to use.

“I love the currency as the different colours make it easy to recognise, plus it’s very durable,” she said.

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US woman baffled by Aussie checkout question

Last week Ms Wuerfel posted a video revealing the question she had received at an Aussie supermarket checkout that left her lost for words.

While buying food at a supermarket Ms Wuerfel said she was asked by an employee if she “would like a bag”.

“Of course I’d like a bag,” she replied, prompting the checkout worker to tell her it would be “15 cents per bag”.

“Fifteen cents … per bag?” was Ms Wuerfel’s baffled reply.

She said the woman working the checkout didn’t “understand why I’m acting surprised” and the expat tried to “act like this is normal for me”.

Aussies who watched the video explained that the 15 cent charge was supposed to be a deterrent to using plastic and encourage people to bring their own bags.

“TIP: Leave bags in the car. You never know when you’re gonna pop in for some last-minute food shopping, so always have some on hand,” one person wrote.

“I’ll take 15c bags in exchange for universal health care any day,” another person commented.

“If you came over a few years ago, bags were free. But we’re busy stopping climate change,” another commenter said.

Other culture shocks Ms Wuerfel said she experienced were realising you “don’t leave tips in Australia” after eating at a restaurant, which she said was the “most amazing thing I’ve ever heard”.

Ms Wuerfel also recalled being asked if she wanted chicken salt for the first time but having “literally no idea what chicken salt is”.

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Big W $30 Sienna Coated women’s jean look like expensive G-Star

Savvy fashion lovers are raving about a $30 pair of jeans from Big W thanks to the “comfy” fit and wet-look finish.

Affordable fashion blogger @thisisgenevieve_ took to social media to rave about the budget retailer’s “Sienna Coated” women’s skinny jean on Sunday.

Gen, from Canberra, said despite the jeans having a trendy wet finish, they were “super comfy” and had “quite a bit of stretch”.

“These are my new jeans that I got from Big W jeans the other day,” the stylist told her 9750 followers.

“They are so comfy. So comfy.”

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Gen said she got the wardrobe staple in her “normal size” and there was still a lot of give in the fabric.

She then styled the $30 pants with a pair of white pumps, round sunnies and a jacquard print cardigan for a casual, yet chic, look.

While the jeans are super affordable, they look expensive, with a similar version from G-Star retailing for $169.

With cooler winter weather rolling in, affordable jeans are proving really popular with shoppers. In March, a pair of $20 Kmart jeans went viral after being dubbed the jeans “every woman needs” by stylist Tina Abeysekara.

In an Instagram Reel, Tina explained they had a “little bit of stretch”, making them the perfect pair for everyday wear.

“Stayed comfy all day! Meetings and then I went out for a cheeky drink in them,” she said in the comments.

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What Is Proning And How It Can Help COVID-19 Patients Breathe Easy

In these challenging times when the country is facing an unprecedented medical crisis and the healthcare system is collapsing under its weight, doctors have been recommending to keep a few hacks in mind to manage Covid-19 symptoms at home. One of the easiest ways to keep your oxygen level in check and to keep your lungs healthy is proning.

What is proning?

If a patient is suffering from respiratory distress, they should be turned with precise, safe motions from their back onto their abdomen, so that they are lying face down. It has been in practice for decades in the United States. Now, it has entered common use with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The health ministry has also issued a guideline on the process of proning for self-care for Covid-19 patients at home in India.

What do you need for proning?

If the oxygen level drops below 94% and a patient is waiting for medical help or is in home isolation, all they need to do is to lie down on their stomach.A patient requires four to five pillows for the process of proning. While one pillow has to be placed below the neck, one or two can be placed below the chest through the upper thighs and two other pillows should be placed below the shins.

The patient needs to change their lying position every 30 minutes from lying on the belly to lie on each side and then sitting up before going back to the first position of lying face down.

How does proning help?

Covid patients have a very low oxygen level due to the damage caused by the virus on the red blood cells in their body. The virus can badly affect the heart, lungs andmuscles because of which many patients report shortness of breath. This has increased the demand for supplemental oxygen manifold. Many states have even reported a shortage. A normal oxygen level is usually 95% or higher.

Proning improves ventilation, keeps the alveolar units open, ensuring that they are less likely to require ventilator support.

Things to note: The prone method is a temporary substitute and not a replacement for hospitals or oxygen cylinders. If you notice your oxygen levels dipping considerably, contact a medical authority. If you feel any Covid-19 symptoms or test positive, here’s a 9 step guide from the Indian Medical Association on what to do.

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Here’s What You Need to Know Before Buying Pulse Oximeter

(Representative pic: Shutterstock)

(Representative pic: Shutterstock)

A pulse oximeter is a small handy device similar to a cloth clip. Most healthy people get a reading of 95 per cent and above

As the second wave of the coronavirus ripples through India, setting new daily records and overwhelming the health infrastructure and capacity, experts are making fervent appeals to people to protect themselves and seek medical help in case they show Covid-19 symptoms. One of the most common symptoms is a drop in oxygen levels – a delay in treating it can put the person at risk for severe complications and death. To get help sooner, a pulse oximeter can help by alerting the person about the drop in oxygen levels. Exert opinion is, however, divided whether home monitoring by such gadgets should be recommended on a large scale for fear of a missed reading.

What is a pulse oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is a small handy device similar to a cloth clip. A person is required to put one of their fingers inside the device (nail-side up) and within seconds it gives the numbers showing the oxygen saturation levels in the person’s body (measured as a unit of SpO2). Most healthy people get a reading of 95 per cent and above. In some cases, where a person has some existing health condition, the reading can get below 95 per cent. But in normal cases, a user should consult a medical practitioner if the reading falls to 92-93 per cent. The device also gives the heartbeat reading, ranging for a healthy person between 60 to 100 beats per minute.

How does it work?

The pulse oximeter measures the amount of oxygen sent to the part of the body farthest from the heart by beaming different wavelengths of light through the bloodstream when the finger is inserted into it. The haemoglobin in the blood then absorbs different amounts and wavelengths of light depending on the oxygen it is carrying and gives a numerical reading of its calculation.

Why do you need it?

It is safe to keep a pulse oximeter at home and monitor your oxygen levels regularly, so that in case of a drop you can immediately seek medical assistance without losing time. Last year, as the pandemic was peaking around June, the Delhi government had decided to distribute oximeters to those in home isolation after being detected with Covid-19 infection.

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