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how to start forex trading in india

How to start Forex trading in India the best and easiest way to get the knowledge of Octafx broker very good in Forex trading.

The Octafx Forex broker Provides 12 Languages that support good, user can easily understand the system and each of the functions of octafx platform have.

First Understand the Currency 55 inr= 1usd.

Deposits and withdrawals of Octafx are transparent there are no Commission or no hidden Charges in Octafx.

Payment Method that supported to user are widely used like

Local banks minimum amount to deposit 1500.00 INR

UPI minimum amount to deposit 1500.00 INR

Cards debit/credit minium amount to deposit 1500.00 INR

Paytm minimum amount to deposit 1500.00 INR

Bitcoin minium amount 0.00096000 BTC

Skrill minimum amount 50.00 USD

Neteller minium amount 50.00 eur

India Net banking minimum amount to deposit 1500.00 INR

Lets Understand the Trading Platform of Octafx. There are 3 types of platform Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5, C trader

Meta Trader 4 is very common Trading platform because is the entry level for all user like newbie and very easy to understand.

In Meta Trader 4 there are option like web platform, Desktop, Android, ios to easy access for functionality.

In Meta Trader 5 same option for platform like meta trader 4 having, it is for middle person like which are high or skill and can trade with their own

And the last is C trader which is little bit high in functions and very high skill required for trading.

How to make money from octafx with out any worries or not having any skill or if you are new there are Copy Trading option for you. works for new people or entry level.

what is copy trading ?

A copy trading is that if you want to make money in the octafx platform, with out knowledge there is an option were you you can create account here and you get 50% deposit Bonus,

After Depositing money you can search for best Trader who trades well, it will takes 30% if he or she won or loss but so,

When ever a copy Trader won a trade you also make money from that as well he or she loss the trade you will loss.

so, you have to take care while choosing the good copy trader for you.

This is the easy way to do Forex trading in India and most of the people doing these with out any knowledge

so if you want to create a copy trading account get 50% deposit on first time click here.

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Using Waterproof Tarp To Cover Your Outdoor Furniture

Summary: Using a waterproof tarp is the best option for protecting the outdoor furniture. Know how it can serve your needs adequately.

You are in love with the patio furniture and keen to invest in high-quality options within your budget. Undoubtedly, relaxing outdoors is one of the most popular activities during the spring and the summer. What’s more, you can also enjoy a wide range of outdoor parties with your family and friends when the weather is warm and cozy. However, when it comes to the protection of the outdoor furniture, you are always in a fix. Whether to protect the furniture in the lawn, deck or patio, the waterproof tarps can serve your purpose.

Here is what you need to know about using waterproof tarp for protecting the outdoor furniture.

  • UV rays

Exposing the patio furniture to sunlight for prolonged periods can harm the coatings and fabrics of the furniture. Be sure to invest in heavy-duty tarps to allow them to keep glowing for a long time. After all, you cannot change furniture in the outdoors too often, so why not go for an option that exhibits longevity. Moreover, using a suitable tarp for protection can add to its life.

  • Resistance to mold and mildew

The outdoor furniture stays exposed to moisture and humidity, which tends to degrade its quality. Using a tarp can protect it from moisture and humidity and lessens the chances of mold formation. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the tarp may also become susceptible to moisture shelter the growth of mold within its body. Using an appropriate material can help or you can buy tarps with reduces mesh count to allow it to stay protected from dust, dirt, and rain.

  • Dry and clean

Using a vinyl tarp can provide protection against the UV rays of the sun but it does more than that. If you are planning to leave the patio furniture outdoors throughout the year, you need to get a vinyl cover to ensure that it stays clean and dry all the time. The tarps with vents allow air to circulate freely and protect your home adequately.

Protecting furniture during the rains

Rainfall affects homes and gardens, and with chairs and patio tables made from wood, metal, and other materials, you have a few options to protect the furniture from damage and rust. When you need to protect your furniture from rainfall, you can keep the entire set of outdoor furniture in one place and cover it with a heavy-duty waterproof tarp. All you need to do is invest in adequate quantities of tarpaulin and ties it altogether while making the knots superior at the bottom. If your intention is to protect the patio furniture from rain or snow, using the tarpaulin material is the best option.

Need to use tarpaulin

Tarpaulin has multiple uses but the primary purpose is to protect the outdoor furniture from damage due to sun and rain. Among the various uses of tarpaulin, the primary is its easy availability in online and offline stores. The material is cheap and has the potential to keep your furniture intact from the UV rays and water. Moreover, the tarps do not come in specific sizes, so you can utilize as much material you need for covering the furniture.