Cayuga County student wins NY raffle for COVID-19 vaccine scholarship | Local News


In his only week as an entrant, he won. 

“He’s in shock right now. I don’t think he knows how to feel,” Robinson-Curran said. “What I told him is that we would support anything that you want to do. The sky is the limit. But with this, this gives you the financial backing. Whatever you want to do, you can go ahead and you can do that.” 

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When Gov. Andrew Cuomo launched the weekly raffle, he highlighted another benefit — that parents of the winners wouldn’t have to worry about paying for college. Robinson-Curran acknowledged that it will help her blended family. Between her and her husband, Michael, they have three children. Her stepson is also going to be a freshman in high school. 

As they thought about the possibility of having two children starting college at the same time, Robinson-Curran said she and Michael would discuss the need for savings to help cover those expenses. 

Now, with James winning the scholarship, it will help the family plan for the future. 

“With this, this allows us to streamline our resources for the other two to really help them get as close as possible to this amazing prize that he won,” Robinson-Curran said. 

For Robinson-Curran, it also feels like a reward for her efforts over the past year. She is the director of safety and wellness at Cayuga Centers. In that role, she has been focused on COVID-19 mitigation strategies. While her employer isn’t mandating the vaccine, she is urging employees to get vaccinated and telling them “what an amazing gift of science this is to us.” 

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