Celeste Barber thanks Pfizer vaccine for her boobs

It’s been one of the more unexpected – but not unwanted – side effects of the Covid vaccine, with multiple women taking to social media to thank Pfizer for their temporary “boob job”.

Comedian Celeste Barber, who has more than 8 million followers on Instagram, is one of them posing in a sports bra on her Instagram stories and offering a tongue-in-cheek thanks to the vaccine company.

“I’d like to thank Pfizer for my tits,” she deadpanned to the camera.

Celeste’s observation appears to be more on the humorous rather than scientific side, with the Instagram star also adding the disclaimer “shut up, it’s a joke” to the video.

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Last week, the comedian had the perfect clap back to an anti-vaxxer who had criticised her for speaking in favour of the vaccine.

Celeste had posted a photo of herself on Instagram after getting her vaccine, alongside the caption: “Get it if you can and let’s kick this in the d***!”

In response an unnamed woman with pink hair and a nose ring had an irate message for Celeste, firing back in a video that saw her hilariously mispronounce the comedian’s name.

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“You tell me why a fat slob like Celestie Barber should be able to post on their Instagram and encourage other people to get the shot when people are being maimed and are dying by this?” the woman screams.

In her signature style, Celeste then reshared the woman’s page on her TikTok with her own take at the end, adding a video of her looking unimpressed and saying: “It’s Celeste, you f***ing idiot.”

She also posted a hilarious follow-up TikTok for anti-vaxxers and “people who sell felt hats at the market” who were “freaking out” over the Covid vaccine.

“I just want you to know when I got my first Pfizer shot about a week ago, the nurse who gave it to me, she actually shows you the 5G before she puts it in the vial, which I think is really good. I don’t think many people known that,” Celeste deadpanned.

“And also I was very surprised, it blew my mind, at how small Bill Gates’ DNA is, that it also fits in the vial as well as the 5G.”

Unexpected Pfizer side effects

Common side effects from the Covid vaccines include flu-like symptoms, fatigue and pain at the injection site.

But some women who have gotten the Pfizer vaccine have also reported a temporary increase in their bust size due to swollen lymph nodes in what’s been dubbed the “Pfizer boob job”.

“I feel like my boobs got bigger because of Pfizer or am I just hallucinating,” one wrote on Twitter.

“I can confirm from personal experience that pfizer does indeed make ur boobs grow,” another stated on the social media platform.

While one wrote: “Can confirm that the pfizer vax makes ur boobs grow ffs.”

According to Australian Department of Health, inflamed lymph nodes are a less common side effect of the vaccinations.

But it is normal for lymph nodes in the armpit to activate and swell following a vaccine in the upper arm as its your body preparing an immune response, The Conversation reports.

Temporary swollen lymph nodes have only been reported in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and do not appear to be a side effect in the AstraZeneca jab.

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