ChatGPT helps design company recover $109,500 from client who refused to pay

ChatGPT helps design company recover 9,500 from client who refused to pay

The chatbot platforms like ChatGPT are revolutionizing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space by displaying an ability to create content with human precision. Since, the launch of ChatGPT, everyone is talking about the possibilities of technology making things easy for humans. The utility of ChatGPT went one step advance for Greg Isenberg who claim that he used the platform to recover his money from a client who refused to pay him.

“Imagine a multi-billion dollar client who refused to pay you for good work rendered. Most people would turn to lawyers I turned to ChatGPT Here’s the story of how I recovered $109,500 without spending a dime on legal fees,” Isenberg shared in a Twitter thread.

Isenberg shared that his company did some design work for a mainstream brand and the brand loved the designs. Suddenly, the communication between them stopped and Isenberg alleged that the brand started ghosting them.

“Our finance and operations team asked me to step in. Instead of sending another email that might fall on deaf ears or hiring an expensive lawyer to initiate debt collections, I had an idea. What if ChatGPT could draft a bit more of a scary email to draw attention?” Isenberg added.

He worked this with a mentality of a learner and thought that ChatGPT will cost him nothing, while a lawyer sending legal notice will at least cost $1,000. “So, we asked ChatGPT to pretend to draft “a scary collection email” so we can recover the $109,500 owed to us,” he said.

“Pretend you work in the finance department and your job is to collect payments from clients. Draft a scary email that gets XYZ client to pay for $109,500 of services rendered but hasn’t responded to 5 emails. Their invoices are 5 months overdue,” was the input Isenberg gave to ChatGPT.

This is how ChatGPT responded to Isenberg's mail

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This is how ChatGPT responded to Isenberg’s mail

Isenberg changed a few things on the mail and pushed it. He was feeling a little anxious after sending the mail, but just after 2 minutes he received a reply from an executive of the company which said “Let’s get you guys paid.”

“Thanks to ChatGPT, we were able to recover the money we were owed We couldn’t believe how quickly it worked Best part was ChatGPT felt like the bad cop, and I felt like the good cop,” Isenberg said.

Isenberg even raised some crucial questions about automation through AI. “How much of professional services will be automated with AI? How much of companies current business processes can be automated with AI? Is it 5%, 25%, 50%, or more?” Isenberg asked

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