‘Cheap’ but ‘effective’ 95p household item to clean your entire bathroom

‘Cheap’ but ‘effective’ 95p household item to clean your entire bathroom

Bathroom and cleaning expert at Drench, Polly Shearer, has shared how tips on how to clean your bathroom using white vinegar, and how it could save nearly £11 using the household product over typical cleaning agents. The pro said: “White vinegar is inexpensive yet so effective for so much in the home. Vinegar is a natural acidic disinfectant and useful for various purposes.”

1. Shower glass cleaner

A homemade glass cleaner can be made by using one-part white vinegar, along with one-part hot water, placed into a spray bottle.

The bathroom expert said: “For the solution there are only two base ingredients. Vinegar and hot water – that’s it.

“Open a window before mixing and spraying the solution as although the smell won’t last, it will have quite a potent smell at first.

“If the solution hasn’t shifted the marks and stains after the first application, you can increase the amount of vinegar mixed with the water and this should do the trick.” 

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2. Unclog your shower head

The expert explained: “Keeping your shower head clean is really important. If you’ve found that the flow of your shower is lower than it used to be or the water is no longer coming out straight, chances are your shower head is clogged up with dirt and mineral deposits.”

To make the cleaning agent, Britons will need white vinegar, a plastic bag, string or elastic bands and an old toothbrush or scourer.

Start by scrubbing off loose dirt or limescale using the toothbrush or scourer before filling a sandwich bag with vinegar.

The cleaning expert added: “Place the plastic bag over the shower head until it is completely submerged, then using string or an elastic band, secure the bag.

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“Make sure the bag is tied tight enough that it won’t slip and come off once you let go.

“Leave to soak for at least an hour and then remove the bag and run the hot water to clean any deposits that may be left over.

“Using a toothbrush or scourer cloth, scrub off any excess dirt or limescale that hasn’t been removed by the vinegar. You can then rinse the shower head with a separate tap to remove any last mineral deposits and that vinegar smell. 

“You can also clean the other side of the shower head with your sponge, the vinegar should give it a bright shine.”

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3. Sink drain

Bathrooms can often become smelly which is usually caused by stray hairs that become lodged in soap scum that starts to line the drain.

To stop your drain from smelling, you will need to clear any blockages which are causing the nasty odours. Polly recommended pouring a cup of white vinegar down the drain.

Let the solution stand for at least 30 minutes before rinsing with hot water. Baking soda along with soda crystals can also be used to unblock sinks.

4. Shower or bath drain

The cleaning expert continued: “When looking to unblock a shower or bath drain, you can add vinegar to a baking soda mixture and you will get a chemical reaction that should hopefully jolt the blockage loose. 

“This isn’t a method that will work for very troublesome blockages, but for slow-draining bath or shower wastes, this is a cheap, eco-friendly method worth trying.”

To start, pour a pot of boiling water down your drain and add a small amount, around half a cup, of baking down it too.

Let it sit there for a couple of minutes before following it with a cup of white vinegar and a little more hot water.

Polly added: “Leave for five to 10 minutes and flush with boiling water. You should be able to heat the chemical reaction as it bubbles away. With a bit of luck, the debris caught in your drain will be blocked down.”

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