Cheap European destinations where you can get a return flight for less than £50 in April | Travel News | Travel

Cheap European destinations where you can get a return flight for less than £50 in April | Travel News | Travel

prices are always worth considering when choosing a holiday destination, and even more so when booking close to your departure date. With a wide range of cities and coastal retreats to choose from across Europe, short-haul trips are easy to find on a budget – and one experienced traveller has rounded up the best return flight deals for April.

In a recent video on his profile, Becca Redford @redford_becca shared her “under £50 edition” of “cheap flights from the UK”.

The experienced travel blogger is known for sharing holiday content from her own travels, along with money-saving tips to inspire other holidaymakers on a budget.

If you’re looking for a last-minute April getaway, there is a long list of desirable European destinations you can fly to for as little as £26.

Becca’s recommendations are based on the current prices for journeys from Manchester, Newcastle, and London Gatwick airports.

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Even if it’s not your closest airport, flying from Manchester (MAN) could be the cheapest option for certain short-haul destinations.

According to the seasoned traveller, the cheapest places to visit from Manchester in April are Paris and Milan, with flights costing just £26. Both have multiple airports so you should shop around to find the cheapest deal.

The latest data from Skyscanner shows that departing flights from Manchester to Milan and cheapest in the middle of the month, between April 12 and April 27. Flights from Manchester to Paris airports are also cheapest mid-month, between April 10 and April 27.

Flights to Oslo (OSL), Ibiza (IBZ), and Palma (PMI), were also among the cheapest from Manchester, costing £27.

London Gatwick 

The cheapest destinations to fly to from London Gatwick (LGW) in April are Faro (FAO), Dublin (DUB), and Malaga (AGP). According to Becca, flights to the Portuguese coast cost just £25, with Ireland and Spain at £26.

Skyscanner estimated that the most affordable time to fly from LGW to FAO is between April 9 and April 26, and from April 9 to 26 if you’re heading to Malaga.

Dublin flights were cheapest at the end of the month, between April 20 and 27.

Other low-cost destinations include:

  • Barcelona – £35
  • Menorca – £35
  • Nice – £31
  • Venice – £33
  • Milan – £32
  • Rome – £44
  • Krakow – £50


From Newcastle Airport (NCL), the top destinations with low-cost flights include Ibiza (IBZ), Palma (PMI), and Riga (RIX) – the capital of Latvia.

According to Skyscanner, the cheapest departure dates to Palma are between April 12 and April 29. To Riga, April 17-26 is best.

While Ibiza and Palma boast warm temperatures in the region of 20C throughout the month, Riga is a colder city spot.

Becca also recommended flying from Newcastle to Krakow (£43), Milan (£34) and Faro (£48) in April.

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