Cheap product that traps heat inside homes praised by shoppers

Cheap product that traps heat inside homes praised by shoppers

shoppers have discovered a budget-friendly investment to keep their homes warm during winter, and it costs just £12.50.

As cold weather grips the United Kingdom, households will be yanking up the heating. Where draughts are concerned, however, warming up a home can prove a real challenge.

Additional concerns about the cost of living and energy bills mean people also have to contend with worries about leaving their heating on.

Argos shoppers have now praised a solution that has really “helped in the cold weather”; the Thermal Door Curtain.

The product, which currently retails for £12.50, was recently reduced by 50 percent from its original price.

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The curtain could do wonders to limit the impact of draughts in your home, without having to keep the central heating on longer than necessary.

It is made from thick materials and is fully lined to “keep the warm in and the cold out”, according to a product description.  

The multiple layers of material improve thermal resistance which maintains indoor temperatures in a similar way to a winter coat, by creating a dead air space between people and the cold. 

It also offers the added benefit of privacy for doors that have glass panels, and it will “darken the room” too.  

The product is available in an array of colours to suit different tastes, including cream, forest green, charcoal grey and light grey and comes in two different sizes.  

Over 200 shoppers have left five-star reviews for the product to date. One customer wrote: “This curtain… has completely changed my life.” 

Another commented: “These are an ideal size and I can already feel the difference.”

One commentator quipped: “I bought this a month ago and I am so happy because [it] keeps my entry to the flat a little warm. Can be great for the window as well.” 

“I have had these up since just before Christmas. Really good quality curtains and perfect length to fit inside the reveal of our patio doors” wrote another person.


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