‘Child-free’ model slammed for suggesting dogs are better behaved than kids

‘Child-free’ model slammed for suggesting dogs are better behaved than kids

model has caused a stir on Instagram after suggesting that she chose to be child-free because dogs are better behaved than children.

The comment was quick to trigger a reaction from parents on the platform, who accused the content creator of taking a dig at struggling mothers.

Model Ellie Gonsalves, a 33-year-old model, was slated for boasting about the perks of a child-free lifestyle and was branded “ridiculous” by viewers.

Some commentators rushed to defend the dog-lover, however, with one person saying: “Omg, anyone offended by this really needs to lighten up!”

Others in the comment section confessed that although life might be easier without their kids, they would change their choices for anything in the world.

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The video shows footage of a mum struggling with a wriggling toddler who doesn’t want to be picked up. Ellie then shared a clip of her calmly dressing her dog in a jumper, who, in contrast, showed no resistance whatsoever.

Some interpreted the post as the content creator mocking mums, causing further upset among viewers. 

One woman who was offended by the clip, said: “I’ll never understand people who feel the need to put down someone else’s decision in some way to validate their […] decisions.

“There […] isn’t a good intent in this post. Are you not confident or happy with your choices? Or are you trying to spark a reaction in people who are?”

Another angry commentator chimed in: “You didn’t birth your dog. This is absolutely ridiculous and insulting to women who gave birth to their children.

“I have a dog and I would never insult mothers like this. You take great care of your dog […] but don’t compare it to a mum and her baby.”


Other mothers joined the conversation to agree with the poster, with one pointing out that she’d have significantly more free time at her disposal is she didn’t have kids.  

“I’m a mum of three and I love my kids more than anything,” she said. “But if we don’t all admit how much easier life would be without them we are in denial. 

“We’d get to holiday more, when we’re on holiday we can go whenever we want, not just kid-friendly places where other people’s kids are annoying us lol.”

Some found the reactions puzzling, with one writing: “I honestly don’t understand all the comments against these posts. There are so many mummy bloggers you can follow if you want to see people happy with the choice to have children. It’s not that deep.”

Another praised the content creator. They wrote: “Lol I’ve become such a fan of yours through your being so unapologetically honest.”

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