Chinese horoscope: Monkey has two key qualities that ‘always enhances their glamour’

Chinese horoscope: Monkey has two key qualities that ‘always enhances their glamour’

Those who fall under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Monkey will be born in one of the following years: 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016 or 2028. According to Chinese , what can this sign expect from love and ?

Monkey is an extremely sought after partner, as their “active and optimistic personality always enhances their glamour”.

The male Monkey is known for being “gentle, considerate, responsible and romantic”, all very positive qualities when it comes to relationships.

Their charm works wonders on people of the opposite sex, and they do not find it hard to woo potential partners.

Lovers of Monkey men, expect to be prioritised as “love relationships are the most important thing in their life”.

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Soul mates are “treasures in their eyes” and they will sacrifice just about anything for their true love – “if necessary, they can give up their jobs, money, status and everything they have”.

Expect a practically “perfect married life” from a male Monkey partner, as they are nothing but sweet to the person they love.

As for arguments, they are quick to apologise for misdeeds and are always prepared to listen when questioned.

“They will behave calmly and try their best to make up the relationship, so they always bring light-hearted love experiences.”


However, loving so hard can lead to neediness and “insecurity”, which is something a Monkey man might experience.

The female Monkey is known for being “shy, tender, kindhearted and honest”, however a relationship with them might not be the easiest.

Don’t expect loads of kisses and cuddles from them, as they are “not willing to express their affection openly”.

Monkey women should let their guard down or risk winding up alone in love and life.

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Monkey man’s perfect love matches

Ox can bring Monkey some peace and tranquillity, while Dog can wow Monkey with their understanding and respectful nature.

Monkey men can find their match in “ambitious” Dragon, and can expect a “sweet and stable” married life.

Male Monkeys who want to settle down can rely on “lovely and gentle” Sheep for a happy and healthy family life.

Monkey woman’s perfect love matches

Female Monkeys and Rats are a “perfect combination” when it comes to love and relationships.

“Optimistic attitude towards life will make them solve troubles together.”

Rabbit and Dragon also make good partners for Monkey, Rabbit because they have “several common points in their personality”, and Dragon because they give “small but romantic surprises”.

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