Cleaning expert shares easy £1.50 tool to remove hair and dirt from carpets

Cleaning expert shares easy £1.50 tool to remove hair and dirt from carpets

Dealing with stubborn hairs and dust left behind after vacuuming can be irritating, but one expert has shared a cheap and simple trick that makes cleaning so much easier.

Carpets, especially when families have kids or pets, tend to get messy, requiring extra effort to scrub away stains and vacuum pet hairs.

Carpet cleaners and detergents may work, but they are pricey and tedious to use, thankfully there’s an easier way.

A cleaning expert on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page shared a tip using a window squeegee to clean carpets.

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Alongside a photo of a big hair clump, she said that the accumulation occurred over just a few days.

To try this hack, all you need is a window squeegee and a bit of elbow grease to tackle what the vacuum leaves behind.

The original poster recommended a normal window screen squeegee, which is readily available at stores like Wilko or Poundland for £1.50.

Demonstrating the technique, she uses short, firm strokes to gather dirt and hair into a pile, revealing how effectively it lifts hidden debris in carpets.


Fans praised the cleaning method, with one person expressing that it left her carpets looking brand new.

Sharing her experience, she said: “So, I’m currently 35 weeks plus 6 days pregnant, and nesting has kicked in big time! I hoover our bedroom carpet every day, sometimes twice a day.

“Today I was doing my windows at 7 am (the birds woke me up). Decided I’d give this a go as my carpet always has wee black sock bits on it even after hoovering!

“Just wow! It’s like a brand new carpet again!! My hands are now sore though, and my arms and back won’t thank me later, but am so pleased!”

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