Coles worker reveals hilarious error in note to shoppers | Photo

A Coles store has left customers in stitches over an “unfortunate” mistake in a sign warning shoppers a service was out of action.

A sign in Coles has gone viral for all the wrong reasons – with one shopper joking they almost “wet” themselves when they spotted the rather inconvenient typo.

“Attention customers, due to maintenance of the BBQ chicken oven we are unable to cook chicken today,” the sign, displayed at an undisclosed Coles, read.

OK, so far so good – but then the sign continues: “Sorry for incontinence and thank you for your co-operation.”

A photo of the sign was snapped and posted in the Covid-19 & 2020/2021 humour – we may as well laugh it off Facebook group where it’s since had hundreds of comments and shares.

“Sign at Coles,” the shopper captioned the photo. “I almost wet myself when I read it.”

Others shared similar sentiments, joking that “surely they are taking the piss” and “that is where all the toilet paper went”.

“My pet hate … when sign writers spell things wrong,” another commented.

“Saying that I would wet myself if I had to wait for my chicken, so maybe not so wrong.”

“There is a spill on aisle seven,” another quipped.

“Obviously some people will wet themselves with the news of no chicken,” one person mused.

A Coles spokeswoman told “We apologise to our customers for the double disappointment – no hot chooks and an unfortunate typo!

“We’ll take the opportunity to review our templates for store communications to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

It’s not the first time a supermarket sign has gone viral for an unfortunate reason.

Back in February a display in an Adelaide Woolies attracted online notoriety because of its store placement.

A photo submitted to Instagram account @justadelaidethings showed a “Happy Valentine’s Day” sign, placed in the fresh fruit section of the Woolworths in the Adelaide suburb of Gawler, right next to a display of cucumbers.

To make matters more awkward, the sign’s arrow was pointing towards the cucumbers leading many people to come to an unintended conclusion.

“The perfect Valentine’s Day gift does exist, and it’s just $1 at Gawler Woolworths,” the post was captioned.

The photo soon attracted dozens of customers from customers who said it was “absolute gold”.

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