Command of the Syria Allies Operations Room Vows Harsh Response After ‘Israeli’ Attack on Syria’s Homs

Stating that the targets being attacked by ‘Israeli’ warplanes are centers for youths’ services and assembly, the command noted in a statement that the strike has left several brothers of the resistance men martyred and injured.

“Hadn’t they been dispersed, the number of martyrs would have been much higher,” the command added.

Underscoring that their mission and legitimate presence in Syria have long been to support the Syrian state, the Command of the Syria Allies Operations Room reiterated that: “Our mission has long been under the state’s patronage to confront terrorists and the Takfiri scheme, atop of which is Daesh [ISIS/ISIL].”

The statement went on to slam the Zionists’ claims that they have been targeting precise weapons and sensitive equipment that endanger their usurper entity, stressing that “After the attack that passed through the Jordanian sky and the US-occupied Syrian al-Tanf, we decided to respond.”

“Over years we’ve been attacked by the ‘Israeli’-American enemy; such attacks represented attempts to drag us to side battles that weren’t among the priorities of our presence in Syria,” the statement added.

“The response will be very harsh,” the command reiterated.

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