Common gearbox issues you shouldn’t ignore

Common gearbox issues you shouldn’t ignore

Keeping a vigilant eye on the signs of a problematic gearbox can save the owner from the hassle of visiting the service centre and save precious money.

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A gearbox often shows different signs of problems before failing completely.
A gearbox often shows different signs of problems before failing completely.

The gearbox is one the most crucial component of a car, next to the engine. A car’s gearbox channels power from the engine to the wheels. Despite being such a critical component, we often tend to overlook the gearbox until it completely breaks down. However, before a complete breakdown, a gearbox often gives some signals in case there are some issues with it. Knowing and identifying the most common gearbox problems can save you from the hassle of visiting service centres and expensive repairs.

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Here are some of the common gearbox problems that can result in something major.

Loss of power

One of the most common issues with gearboxes is loss of power, resulting in a lack of acceleration, even in flat-out situations. This happens because of inefficient transmission. If the RPM (Rotation Per Minute) increases upon engaging a gear, but the vehicle’s speed hardly increases, that is a cause of concern. It could be because of an issue with the master cylinder or faulty clutch plates as well.

Leaking fluid

The most visible issue with a gearbox and the most common one as well is leaking fluids from under the vehicle. This could happen due to a broken seal or gasket, crack in the transmission casing, faulty or broken drain seal or loose nuts or bolts.

Noise during gear shifts

Clunking or buzzing noise during gearshifts could indicate an issue with the gearbox. Usually, this happens due to damaged gears, low gearbox oil, worn-out bearings etc. Ignoring such an issue can result in the inability to shift gears.

Burning smell

An intense burning smell inside the cabin emanating from the engine bay could be a sign of a problematic gearbox. This could happen because of wire insulation burning on the exhaust manifold, oil leaking into the exhaust manifold, transmission running hot, usage of the wrong type of transmission oil

Jumping gears

A problematic gearbox can result in the gear slipping to the top or to lower gears without the driver’s intervention. This issue is known as jumping gears This could happen due to an incorrect amount of transmission fluid in the gearbox or a broken or worn-out linkage rod.

First Published Date: 11 Sep 2022, 15:38 PM IST

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