eBikeGo Launches AI-Powered Fleet Management System

The electric two-wheeler mobility platform has launched patented telematics to increase asset life and cut down on maintenance costs.

Last mile logistics supplier eBikeGo announces EBG-Matrics system

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Last mile logistics supplier eBikeGo announces EBG-Matrics system

eBikeGo, India’s electric two-wheeler mobility platform, has launched a unique artificial intelligence powered fleet management system. The unique IoT (Internet of Things) system called EBG-Matics. The system uses AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to analyse rider and vehicle behaviour to track and improve efficiency. The system has been designed to provide modern vehicle tracking solutions with conventional features such as position, orientation, speed and range estimation in vehicle tracking units. The company says the new EBG-Matics system will provide data stream about vehicle quality, driver and vehicle behaviour and terrain, and result in lower maintenance costs, increase vehicle life and improve vehicle safety.

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The EBG-Matrics system uses AI and advanced telematics for EV fleet management. eBikeGo is a last mile

“We provide insight to the mobility market with our new innovation, EBG-Matics. Since the safety of our drivers is our first priority, we’re combining a number of critical technologies, including IoT and AI, to take vehicle tracking to the next level. In terms of sweetening the value proposition of electric vehicles and making them more accessible to the general public, we believe these technologies have as much potential as the next breakthrough in battery technology” said Irfan Khan, Founder & CEO of eBikeGo.

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According to a statement from the company, the device follows the 0.5-5-50 formula, which implies that the vehicle should be repaired within half an hour (0.5) in case of any downtime or fault; 5 implies that vehicles and their assets should last at least 5 years, and 50 means that only 50 per cent of the cost should be spent on maintenance. The system also accurately models vehicle depreciation, plotting the time of actual usage, driving/parking circumstances, maintenance records and so on. The IOT-enabled EBG-Matics will help vehicle owners ascertain how much longer the bike has left in it.

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The company says the information gleaned from the data stream concerning vehicle build quality, driving behaviour, can be used to lower rider costs, lower maintenance costs, offer usage-based insurance, raise vehicle secondary sales prices, improve vehicle safety and extend vehicle life. EBG-Matics is included as standard in all eBikeGo fleets and may be used to effectively rate the vehicle’s health using the eBikeGo rating system. Consumers will be able to tell how nice a vehicle is based on its eBikeGo rating. This will be the standard for all future electric vehicles.

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