English seaside town with the best food is an ‘awesome place to visit’ | Travel News | Travel

English seaside town with the best food is an ‘awesome place to visit’ | Travel News | Travel

The study named the UK destinations with the best locally-sourced, fresh fish and seafood during the summer months.

The food experts named Northumberland as the region where holidaymakers will enjoy the best crab and salmon dishes.

Hexham and Alnwick are ideal to have some delicious salmon while in Aberdeen, tourists will find the best halibut in the UK.

Senior recipe development manager at HelloFresh, Mimi Morley, commented: “By embracing the diverse seafood offerings of the UK, we not only create exceptional seafood recipes but also cut down on our food’s carbon footprint and celebrate the rich maritime heritage that the UK possesses.

“Consider every bite an adventure, connecting us to the bountiful seas and the vibrant communities that sustain them. So, whether you’re sampling a pescetarian diet or simply have a love of great seafood, the UK is an amazing place to be.

“Plus, with temperatures set to soar over the next few weeks, the delicious seafood on offer is just one more reason to holiday in the UK.”

Northumberland came as the top destination for salmon lovers and luckily for holidaymakers, the region has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the country.

Tripadvisor explained that the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) “is among the finest landscape of the country”.

Visitors shared hundreds of reviews of Northumberland’s beautiful beaches on the travel platform and a total of 900 were five-star reviews.

A holidaymaker named Julie said that the Northumberland coast is an “awesome place to visit”.

She explained: “This is a beautiful area to explore with many castles and places of interest mainly Serenity boat trips which are just amazing.”

Beachgoer Tony said the county is “stunning” and added: “What stunning scenery, beaches, castles, coastline… I spent three days taking photographs of various sites and wasn’t disappointed. Sand, dunes, birdlife and seals.”

For oyster lovers, the picturesque town of Whitstable, in Kent, is definitely the place to go this summer.

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