European destination for retired Britons is ‘favourable’ for expats | Travel News | Travel

European destination for retired Britons is ‘favourable’ for expats | Travel News | Travel

British retirees seeking a new life have a wealth of destinations on their doorstep, with many places in Europe known for their communities.

While an idyllic life overseas looks different for everyone, some destinations are better than others.

And according to experts at luxury cruise specialist, Panache Cruises, five places have come out on top for retired Britons.

Ranked based on their safety, life expectancy, and healthcare, a range of countries across the globe claimed the top spots in the shortlist.

The top position was filled by , ranked as a “well-rounded” destination with a life expectancy almost four times older than in the UK.


This Mediterranean country boasts an average life expectancy that’s four years older than in the UK, with Italians living on average 84.01 years, compared to UK citizens at 81.77 years.

According to the Panache Cruises experts, the European spot also offers a well-rounded transport infrastructure for residents, spanning buses, trains and air travel – all with senior discounts.

The cost of living is also “favourable for ex-pats”, particularly in southern regions, and its “stunning views” can be experienced at a more leisurely rate than in other places.

In a post-Brexit world, Britons can easily visit any European country for 90 days in any 180-day period as a trial before moving for good.


‌Second on the list was Canada, known as one of the safest countries in the world. The Panache Cruises team said: “British retirees moving to Canada can expect a quiet and peaceful life.

“Home to some of the best landscapes and views the world has to offer, the country is the perfect spot for wildlife-watching expats.”

The top destination also boasts free healthcare to its citizens and permanent residents, both of which offer citizens and ex-pats a good quality of life.

Visitors can reside in the country for up to six months though emigrating is a little more complex.

New Zealand

While it’s not in Europe, this idyllic spot is the ultimate destination for ex-pats seeking uninterrupted views of its unique scenery. Full of sunshine, beaches, farmland and rolling hills, New Zealand is renowned for its peaceful lifestyle.

The Panache Cruises experts claimed: “Their universal public healthcare system is also rated highly against others around the world. It is the perfect destination for outdoor-loving retirees, with an abundance of opportunities for hiking, sailing and walking.”

Those who make the move here could join a staggering 60,000 British retirees already living there.

Also included in the top five destinations are Greece and Monaco – both known for their quality of life and healthcare facilities.

The best destinations for retired British expats:

  1. Italy
  2. Canada
  3. New Zealand
  4. Monaco
  5. Greece

James Cole, founder and managing director of Panache Cruises, said: “Many retirees choose to travel once they have finished working, to explore areas of the world they have never seen before.

“However, living in most countries part-time is usually easily attainable. As a general rule, you can stay in many of the world’s top destinations for 90 days on a standard tourist visa.

“Many other countries offer retirees 180 visitation visas which will allow them to spend six months of every year away from the UK.”

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